Cross-platform is a technology through which players across the world can compete with each other in the virtual world, irrespective of the console they are using. For instance, if a game supports cross-platform, a player playing on a computer can compete with another player using a mobile phone or any other device.

hell let loose

One such game that generally falls under the category of cross play game is Hell Let Loose.  It is a multiplayer game based on World War II that lets you connect with 100 players around the globe to enter the battlefield. So, if you are wondering, “Is Hell Let Loose cross-platform?”, you are surely going to get the answer through this write-up.

The Plot: What is Hell Let Loose All About?

Hell Get Loose is a first-person shooting game developed and published by Team17. Released in 2019, this game has created a legacy among players. 

Hell let loose Gameplay

The game makes you fight against the Western front along with your comrades and conquer the battle. There are a variety of locations in which you can be deployed, out of which Foy, Caretan, and Omaha Beach are the most well-known battles in the game.

Surprisingly, the attention to detail in this game is so great that it even consists of different war elements like air strikes and strategies for a more real-like and immersive experience.

The total of a hundred players is divided into two parts, forming two fronts with 50 soldiers each. Of course, these two fronts have to fight against each other, crossing different terrains. As mentioned, fields, bridges, forests, and towns are various elements that reflect the attention that has been put forward in the details.


Here is the table that shows the top 3 countries ranked on the basis of the number of players actively playing Hell Let Loose ~ BattleMetrics

You can also choose a map in which you want to get deployed. In total, there are 9 maps to select from, which are, again, based on real reconnaissance photos and satellite data.

The game can be played on:

  • Xbox Series X and Series S
  • PlayStation 5
  • PCs or Laptops with Windows 

Hence, in the end, we can say that Hell Let Loose is an immersive and brilliant game to go for. Moreover, it is also clear that it is actually an online multiplayer game that can be played by 100 people at a time. But one question that is still unsolved is whether Hell Let Loose is a cross-play game or not.

The Question: Is Hell Let Loose Cross-Play Game?

Well, to answer this question, there is both good and bad news. Luckily, players across any gaming console like PlayStation or Xbox can compete with each other, disregarding their series and model. This means as long as players are active on the game through a gaming console, Hell Let Loose supports cross-platform gaming. 

Hell let loose game

But unfortunately, if you are a PC gamer, and your friends spend their time on gaming consoles, you will not be able to join them to play Hell Let Loose. In this area, the game connectivity gets pretty sensitive, since Hell Let Loose cross play only works on the same platforms.

Therefore, this point can be a bummer for you. However, you can take a look at the official tweet from the makers of this game.

Here, they confirmed that PlayStation players and Xbox players can have fun with each other, leaving computer players behind.

Is Crossplay Between PC and Consoles Possible?

Feeling sorry for the PC gamers, but the reality is that you can not pair with the people playing Hell Let Loose on gaming consoles. The makers and developers of this game have made it this way so that Hell Let Loose cross play is not possible among PC and gaming consoles.

In fact, the official tweet from the makers has confirmed the news. Therefore, if you are a PC gamer, trying repeatedly is not worth it at all. However, you can play Hell Let Loose with other fellows who play the game over a computer just like you.

Is Hell Let Loose Cross Play Possible Between PS5 and Xbox Series X?

Yes, you can enjoy the Hell Let Loose crossplay on your PlayStation 5 with your friends with the Xbox Series X. This breaking news has been confirmed by the developers and makers that there would be no problem stopping you from having fun.

Moreover, both gaming consoles are some of the best in their segment, which means the experience of the game would be a lot of immersive and epic moments.

Is Hell Let Loose Cross Play Possible Between PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S?

Yes, just like the previous combination of Xbox Series X and PS5, this pair of Xbox Series S and PS5 is also possible. The Hell Let Loose cross-play between PlayStation 5 and Series S is quite popular, since the Series S is the first choice of most Xbox lovers.

However, there’s a catch. If you own a Series S and desire to go forward with this pair, you might face some inconvenience in gaming. As we all know, the PlayStation 5 from Sony is built with the top-class technology that is necessary for gaming, but that is not the case with the Series S.

To get a smoother Hell Let Loose cross play experience, you are recommended to get an Xbox Series X or a PlayStation 5. That said, now you might have got the answer to the question “Is Hell Let Loose cross-platform?”. The cross-platform feature is only available among PC and gaming consoles, but do you know why?

Why Hell Let Loose Cross Platform Not Possible With PC?

Hell let loose

Well, it surely is a hard statement for PC gamers that Hell Let Loose does not allow cross platform gaming for them. But why does this happen, and why did makers not design the game this way?

The answer is that games are easier to play on computers. At this point, PC gamers leverage the advantage over any gamer. Be it mobile gamers, console gamers, or anyone else, PC gamers can manage controls and aim pretty well than any other device.

All thanks to the keyboard and mouse connected. With their help, you can make better movements and aim precisely to get to the next level. This thing can give them an upper hand over the console gamers and the result or match of the game can get bias toward PC gamers.

Therefore, to avoid this favor and establish a non-biased environment, makers did not allow the cross-platform feature for PC gamers.

Wrapping Up – What Device Do You Play on?

Finally, this was the brief introduction to the game and the biggest question related to it, “Is Hell Let Loose cross-platform?”. Yes, Hell Let Loose a cross-platform game but only for Xbox and PlayStation gamers, not for PC gamers.

Moreover, we hope that you now understand the reasons why the makers were not able to make this game a cross platform for PC gamers. To be precise, the ones that play this game on a PC, enjoy the advantage of the precise controls through a keyboard and mouse. It in a way makes the overall experience easy and gives an upper hand to PC gamers over console gamers. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ans: Unfortunately no. You cannot crossplay Hell Let Loose if you are playing that game over a PC.

Ans: No, Hell Let Loose does not allow cross platform gaming among PS5 gamers and PC gamers.

Ans: Here also, you cannot cross platform between PC and the Xbox, as confirmed by the official makers of the game.

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