No doubt, DayZ is one of the best zombie survival games out right now, but is DayZ cross platform?

Since many wonder if they can play DayZ with friends on different platforms like PC, Xbox, or PlayStation, they are asking this question, much like the common inquiry about ‘the possibility of Overwatch 2 being Cross Platform?

So, this guide addresses whether you can play DayZ with friends across different systems.

In addition, we’ll investigate if DayZ supports playing between different console versions and whether your progress can be carried over. We’ll also discuss alternatives to playing together if cross-platform isn’t an option.

So, let’s get ready to uncover whether the game supports cross-platform play, enabling players to team up across different systems—

Is DayZ Cross Platform?

DayZ Game

No. Unfortunately, DayZ does not support cross-platform play at present.

Players on different platforms, including PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and others, cannot connect to the same game server as the technical infrastructure does not currently facilitate cross-platform compatibility.

DayZ experiences platform segregation, which means each platform operates independently without the ability for players on different platforms to interact or play together.

As a result, the game does not allow cross-platform gameplay, restricting interactions between players on various gaming systems.

Why Isn’t There Crossplay in DayZ Yet?

During the discussions with Bohemia Interactive, the creators of DayZ clarified why crossplay hasn’t been implemented between platforms.

“The current technical setup doesn’t accommodate cross play. Making it work would demand extensive alterations to the engine, particularly concerning Voice-Over-IP.”

For those unfamiliar, DayZ operates on the custom-developed Enfusion engine, specifically designed without crossplay capabilities. 

So, adjusting the engine and implementing cross play would require significant technical modifications, notably due to differences in the Voice-Over-IP systems used by PlayStation and Xbox.

Will DayZ Be Cross-Platform in the Future?

Suppose you’re eagerly hoping DayZ will become cross-platform soon. In that case, it’s important to note that, regarding the upcoming year 2024, the developers are strategizing. However, official plans for this period are still under wraps— 

“We’re deep in contemplation and planning for the upcoming year. However, no concrete plans for 2024 are prepared for announcement just yet.”

So, while players on different platforms cannot currently join the same server, there has been no official hint or announcement regarding future implementation of cross-platform capabilities in DayZ.

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How to Keep Up with Potential Future DayZ Updates Regarding Crossplay?

To ensure you’re in the loop about potential gameplay changes like cross-platform compatibility coming to DayZ in the near future, here’s what you can do—


These sources often provide exclusive information before it’s shared elsewhere, giving you first-hand knowledge of what’s coming next.

However, in addition to regularly following these channels, it can also be valuable to join online communities dedicated to DayZ. For example—

  • Platforms like Reddit host many discussions about rumors and speculations related to DayZ future updates.

So, you never know. These discussions and rumors may provide insight regarding the timing of new features, such as the much-anticipated cross-play support.

Does DayZ Support Cross-Generation in 2024?

No. As of 2024, DayZ does not offer cross-generation play. The game operates within specific console generations and restricts interactions between different versions.

Players on older or newer console generations cannot directly join the same servers or engage in gameplay together due to technical limitations.

So, despite advancements in gaming technology, the game’s structure limits cross-generation compatibility, separating players based on their console version. Consequently, players of different console generations are unable to enjoy a unified gaming experience within DayZ.

Does DayZ Support Cross-Progression in 2024?

No. DayZ doesn’t support cross-progression yet. It lacks the capability to sync your progress across different platforms or consoles, meaning you can’t carry over your progress.

Player progress, including items, characters, and achievements, is tied to the platform being used. So, progress made on one platform cannot be transferred or synced with another platform, meaning if you change devices, you will have to start over.

In short, players starting the game on different platforms will have different progress and will be required to start fresh on each platform without the ability to carry over their achievements or items from one platform to the next.

What Are the Alternatives for Cross-Platform Play in DayZ with Friends?

By now, you’re aware that currently, DayZ doesn’t support crossplay or cross-platform gameplay. Additionally, there’s no support for cross-generation play also. However, what you may not know is that you can enjoy a similar experience in Arma Reforger, DayZ’s sister game!

Arma Reforger, DayZ’s sister game.

With a DayZ mod, which is designed for Arma Reforger, players can dive into an apocalyptic setting. This mod not only provides a glimpse of a potential DayZ 2 but also enables crossplay and allows players on different platforms to share the experience.

Besides that, while DayZ doesn’t directly allow playing across different platforms, there are other ways for players to find a similar experience on various devices.

For example— games like Ark: Survival Evolved and Minecraft have both cross-platform play and survival features similar to DayZ. In these games, players from different platforms can team up on the same servers and play together cooperatively.  

So, checking out these alternative options could open up shared gaming experiences beyond what DayZ offers on its platform.

Wrapping Up!

That’s it! Hopefully, now it’s clear that DayZ stands as a multiplayer survival game that allows cooperative play among friends on the same platform. 

As of the current update, DayZ does not include cross-platform functionality and limits interactions to only players using the same system.

While the game’s immersive world calls for teamwork to survive, the lack of cross-platform play restricts the ability of friends on different platforms to unite.

However, despite no official plans for cross-platform integration being announced, the game maintains its distinct player base on each platform. 

DayZ continues to prioritize individual platform experiences, offering unique survival landscapes within their specific console boundaries.

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Ans: While DayZ is on PC, Xbox, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, you can’t play it together across platforms. So, if your friend is on a different system, you can’t team up in the game.

Ans: Yes, and in order to play DayZ free on Steam, head to the store, download it, and start playing. Moreover, for those smitten with the harsh beauty of Chernarus, there’s a sweet discount of up to 40% on the base game.

Ans: Yes, DayZ does offer cooperative gameplay. Players can team up, collaborate, and survive together in the game’s world. This co-op functionality allows for a shared experience in tackling the challenges it presents. 

Ans: Unfortunately, Rust doesn’t support cross-platform play between PC and Consoles. The game is available on PC, but its console versions do not have the functionality to play together with PC players. So, because Rust doesn’t support console-to-PC crossplay, PC gamers unfortunately can’t join in on the crossplay fun.

Ans: No. Mods are currently not available for the console versions of DayZ. Mods capabilities are primarily accessible on the PC version of the game, which allows players to customize and enhance their gameplay experience using mods created by the community.

Ans: As of now, Bohemia Interactive hasn’t given an official statement about introducing cross-platform compatibility in DayZ. However, as the gaming landscape evolves, there’s a chance for potential cross-platform support in the game’s future.

Ans: Introduction of cross-platform play could lead to issues such as performance differences and communication issues between different platforms. 

It is worth noting that maintaining fair and fun gameplay for everyone across various platforms and different input methods like controllers and keyboards presents significant challenges.

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