Battlefield 2042, developed by DICE, features intriguing gameplay and stunning graphics, but is Battlefield 2042 cross platform?

Similar to Red Dead Online and Ark Cross Platform, Battlefield Crossplay has also earned immersive fame. As a result, many of you may have wondered, “Is Battlefield 2042 Cross Platform?”

Let me assure you that you will get the answer you have been looking for for so long here. Firstly, let’s have a basic idea of what you can avail of while reading this article.

You will learn “Does Battlefield 2042 have crossplay or not?” as well as whether it supports progression and cross-generation, some key benefits, and much more. 

Is Battlefield 2042 Cross Platform?

Is Battlefield 2042 Crossplay

2024 has just arrived; apart from enjoying the new year vibes, it’s also exciting to know that Battlefield 2042 supports multiple cross platforms such as Steam (PC), Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series S/X. Of course.

Yes, Battlefield Crossplay 2042 supports cross-platform play, but some exceptions are there. 


It’s essential to know that you can play on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox Series X/S together. However, PlayStation 4 and Xbox are the only compatible combinations for players.

These differences exist because of the various technicalities on multiple platforms. With this said, it should be clear as of now that only mutually exclusive combinations can interact with each other.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most common queries for devices and discover whether the Battlefield 2042 cross platform is compatible between them or not.  

  • Is Battlefield 2042 cross play between PC and mobile: No, Battlefield 2042 has not been released on mobile platforms, and therefore, you can’t cross-play between PC and mobile devices.
  • Is Battlefield crossplay between PC and PS4/PS5?: Yes, Battlefield 2042 crossplay supports this combination, allowing for a more diverse gaming experience.
  • Is Battlefield crossplay available between PC and Xbox?: Yes, Battlefield Crossplay 2042 in 2024 supports cross platform play between PC and Xbox consoles.

Using this blend, you can choose to use any of the platforms, team up accordingly, and compete against any other group of teams, irrespective of the hardware it uses.

Let me tell you that this single compatibility can enhance your gaming experience, allowing you to witness Battlefield 2042’s more immersive world.

Does Battlefield 2042 have crossplay between the following devices?

PS4/PS5 and XboxYes
PC and NintendoNo
PS4 and PS5Yes
Xbox One and Xbox X/SYes

The above declaration has been made on account of the present scenario.
It means that you have to stay updated about the new announcements from EA and DICE, as any new change may develop a mobile version of Battlefield 2042 in the future.

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Is Battlefield 2042 Cross-Generation?

No, Battlefield 2042 crossplay is not a cross-gen game; with this said, it means that if you play on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, then you can’t play with those playing on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

The sole reason is the varied capabilities of the console’s hardware, which impact factors such as graphics quality, player counts, and map size. 

However, you will be glad to know that the Battlefield 2042 cross platform is still capable of delivering immersive and thrilling experiences to its users. 

In this way, developers have ensured that the absence of cross-generational features doesn’t affect the overall enjoyment of the game.

Does Battlefield 2042 Support Cross Progression?

Unfortunately, Battlefield 2042 does not support cross progression. It’s disheartening to know that Battlefield 2042 does not have any support for cross-progression as of now. It implies that all of your achievements, unlocks, and several game purchases are restricted to the only platform you are playing on.

Despite the fact that Battlefield Crossplay 2042 doesn’t provide cross-progression presently, this game remains at the top of all popular online games. With the immersive popularity of this game increasing day by day, developers may implement cross-progression features in the future.

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How Can You Enable/Disable Battlefield Crossplay?

As default, you will see that cross-play will be enabled. However, it may be disabled at times; in such cases, you must follow the steps outlined below to enable it:

  • Visit “Accessibility & Options,” which you can easily find from the main menu in the game.
  • Go to “General tab >> Other”.
  • Move the “Cross-play” slider to the other side to switch it on

To disable the Battlefield 2042 crossplay, follow the steps mentioned below: 

  • Open the “Settings” tab.
  • Choose any of your favorite game modes and press either “Start” or “Options”.
  • Click “General” and, moving into its sub-options, scroll down to select “Cross-play”.
  • Move the slider towards the other side and switch it off.

Remember that being in a group does not allow you to change cross-play settings immediately. It means that you are supposed to wait for quite a long time between matches.

How to Invite Friends to Battlefield 2042 Crossplay?

To play Battlefield 2042 with gamers from other platforms, all you need to do is invite and add the users to your party.

  • Move towards the “Main menu” and herein click the “Squad” option.
  • Now select “Players” >> “Add Players”.
  • Choose the option that reads “Enter Origin ID” and herein provide your friends’ Original ID.
My suggestion: Prefer adding the original ID instead of individual platform accounts such as Xbox Live, PSN, and Stream.

Instead of executing the process mentioned above, you can also choose to follow another way to invite your friends, which I am going to discuss now.

Following this particular method, you have to create a cross-platform party, simply proceed with the following steps to get it done successfully: 

  • Visit the “Battlefield 2042 menu”.
  • Select “Social >> Create Party”.
  • Now click on the platform that your friends are playing on.
  • Provide the names of your friends and click the “Invite” button. 

As soon as you are done with the last step, your friends will get a link to join the party you created. After they accept your invite link, you all can start playing the game together.

Benefits of Battlefield 2042 Cross Platform 

You will be glad to know that the multifold benefits of Battlefield 2042’s being a cross-play platform add to your convenience and enhance your gaming experience. 

A Decent Playing Community

Since Battlefield 2042 is a cross-play platform, you will find a large player base hailing from different platforms to engage in the game they want to keep their hands on.

Because of the larger user base, you won’t have to wait for long for matchmaking. Besides, a significant audience guarantees an extended life for the game, too.

Improved Social Behavior

Playing multiplayer games allows you to connect with your friends online, thereby sharing common gaming experiences. You can also see the barriers between platforms decreasing this way.

Hence, you can team up with those using different consoles or gaming systems easily. Undoubtedly, you get exposure to the social aspect of gaming here.


While accessing cross-platform play, you don’t have to buy several copies for different platforms or even spend your money investing in consoles to enjoy Battlefield 2042. Therefore, it’s cost-effective, you won’t feel left out due to any restrictions and you can take part in the game freely.

Regular Updates

This cross-play platform provides you with timely updates, patches, and additional new content being released simultaneously. As a result, you will have a well-balanced gaming experience here.

Increasing Competition

This Battlefield Cross Play 2042 tends to bring players from different backgrounds with varied skill levels to one place, thereby boosting a competitive gaming atmosphere. 

This will help you improve your present gaming skills and give you an adventurous and dynamic gaming experience.

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Battlefield Crossplay: Evolution for the Gaming Community

The Battlefield 2042 crossplay feature is a welcome addition for gamers. You can play with players hailing from diversified platforms, and this way, you can break the barriers present between various gaming communities.

With this being said, from now on, you can witness here a more inclusive and diverse gaming community. Therefore, players from multiple tastes and backgrounds can join together and enjoy playing the games they love.

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Ans: Yes, you can play together because Xbox and PlayStation consoles support crossplay.

Ans: No, you can’t do it because Battlefield 2042 doesn’t support cross-progression through different platforms. It means that all of your progress and purchases are restricted to the particular platform you are playing on.

Ans: Yes, using it you can connect with your friends at the party on different platforms. The only thing is that you have to enable the “Crossplay voice chat” in the game settings to avail it.

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