No Man’s Sky is a fast-paced action and survival game developed by Hello Games that allows you to wander throughout the universe. Its unique, competitive, and thrilling gameplay makes it so popular among Gen Y and Gen Z.  

No Mans Sky Game

As it is a multiplayer game, a question is bombarding the internet, is No Man’s Sky cross platform like Overwatch 2, Chivalry 2, and others? Is it possible to play it with your friends? Or is it still an old-fashioned game without cross-play?

Let us look at the No Man’s Sky crossplay feature in detail. 

Is No Man’s Sky Crossplay?

Without creating more suspense, let me tell you, yes, the game has cross-play compatibility. The developers introduced the No Mans Sky Cross play on June 10, 2020. It means you can now play the game with your friends without worrying about the game console you own. The feature was added when the game was launched on Xbox Game Pass and Windows 10 Store. 

Now, you can enjoy the game on Xbox, PlayStation, macOS, and PC and make a team with its all-platform compatibility. 

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How to Add Friends in No Man Sky Cross Platform?

The controller icon next to the player’s username indicates whether the other player is using a PlayStation or an Xbox, whereas a tool icon is visible on PC platforms such as Steam.

No Mans Sky Gameplay

Here, you can add friends to the list via their game codes. It is very easy to do so, just follow the given steps:

  • First, start the game and switch to the options part.
  • Select the network
  • Add your friend and enter their No Man’s Sky username or select from an existing list (if any). 
  • Send a friend invite and start your journey to a wonderful adventure. 

Apart from this, the game also allows you to add any player that you meet during the cross-play session to your friends list. If you guys are using a different platform, then a separate friends list will be created. 

Is No Man Sky Cross Play Beneficial?

Does the add-on of No Man’s Sky switch crossplay have any possible benefit for the player and the developers? Yes, of course there are! Such a feature not only raises the demand for the game but also makes the user experience better. Some major benefits of No Man’s Sky are as follows:

  • No Platform Barriers

    Different players have different devices to enjoy the game and that may restrict them from playing with their friends. But with the introduction of cross-platform, No Man’s Sky can be played by anyone, regardless of their device. 

  • No Need for Multiple Copies

    Due to the crossplay availability, you and your friends will no longer need multiple copies of the game for different platforms. A single copy of the game would be enough for all to enjoy the adventure. 

  • Large Pool of Players

    The development of No Man’s Sky cross play not only enhances the excitement of current players but will also encourage others to join it. This will further promote social interaction, increase the global reach of the players, and keep them engaged. 

The cross-platform feature has given a great hike to the No Man’s Sky demand and improved the longevity of the game. 

Does No Man’s Sky Have Cross-Progression?

Yes, but it is a partial truth. Unlike other games, such as 7 Days to Die, No Man’s Sky supports cross-progression features but is only compatible with PC and Xbox. This means your game progressions will remain safe while switching between Windows & macOS and Microsoft Store & Xbox. 

Currently, the cross-save functionality is not available for other platforms. Additionally, no official information has been released by the developers yet. 

In a Nutshell

We hope you are cleared with your doubt regarding “Is No Man’s Sky cross platform?” 

The game industry is constantly evolving, and as a result of players’ short attention spans, developers are constantly adding new features to the games. It is believed that No Man’s team will also add complete cross-progression and cross-generation to their game soon. 

For more information and to stay updated, you can join the No Man’s Sky community on Facebook or Reddit

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Ans: Yes, the game is cross-platform between Xbox and PC.

Ans: Yes, the game is cross-play between Nintendo Switch and PC.

Ans: Yes, the game allows you to enjoy in multiplayer mode.

Ans: When you select the play game, you allow other players to join you. On the other hand, you can select multiplayer to join other players in their journey.



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