Roku is a popular device for watching streaming content, but some users have complained that the commercials are so loud that it’s difficult to hear the programming. Roku has responded by saying that the commercials are intentionally loud and that they are trying to make up for lost sound quality due to technological limitations. Some people believe that Roku is purposely making the commercials loud in order to force users to buy more advertising packages from the company. In this article we have discussed about Why Are Roku Commercials So Loud?

Why Are Roku Commercials So Loud?

Roku is a popular device that allows users to stream movies, TV shows, and other content right to their TVs. While it’s known for its convenience and affordability, there’s one issue that many users have experienced: the commercials are often much louder than the actual program. This can be frustrating and disruptive, especially if you’re watching late at night or with others in the room.

So why are Roku commercials so loud? One reason is that advertisers want to grab your attention and make sure you remember their products or services. By blasting their ads at a higher volume, they hope to stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression on viewers. This tactic has been criticized by many viewers as being annoying and even manipulative.

What Can You Do About Loud Roku Commercials?

It’s no secret that advertisers try to catch our attention by playing their ads at a higher volume than the program we’re watching. But it’s not just annoying – it can also be harmful to our ears. Prolonged exposure to loud noises can cause hearing damage, especially if we’re using headphones. So what can you do about these loud Roku commercials?

  • One option is to adjust your TV’s sound settings. Some models have a “sound leveling” feature that automatically adjusts the volume of all content, including commercials.
  • Another option is to use third-party apps or services like “Roku Volume Leveling” or “Ads Away.” These tools claim to reduce the volume of ads while keeping the volume consistent across all channels and shows.
  • Another factor may simply be technical limitations. Different programs have different sound levels, and it can be difficult for streaming devices like Roku to regulate them all consistently.

What Makes YouTube Ads So Loud?

YouTube has become one of the most popular platforms for online video content consumption. the loudness of YouTube ads is something that irks many viewers. The sudden increase in volume can be quite jarring and disruptive to the overall viewing experience. What makes YouTube ads so loud?

  • One reason could be that advertisers are intentionally making their ads louder to grab attention amidst all the other video content on the platform.
  • Another possibility is that there may be a lack of regulation or guidelines around ad volume levels on YouTube.
  • Some ads may not have been properly mastered for digital platforms, resulting in inconsistencies in sound levels between different types of video content.
  • Whatever the reason may be, it’s clear that loud YouTube ads can negatively impact viewer engagement and even lead to frustration or annoyance.

What To Do To Make Youtube Ads Not So Loud On Roku?

There are several methods available to make Youtube ads not so loud on Roku.

  • One method is to adjust the volume leveling settings on your Roku device.
  • This feature automatically adjusts the volume of commercials and other programming to match each other, providing a more consistent listening experience.
  • To access this setting, go to Settings > Audio > Volume modes > Leveling mode.
  • From here, simply enable “Leveling mode” to minimize any sudden increases in volume during Youtube ads.
  • Another option is to download an ad-blocking app or browser extension that will remove all advertisements altogether.

Is Roku TV Too Loud During Commercials? Here’s The Solution

Are you often left frustrated by the sudden increase in volume during commercials on your Roku TV? You’re not alone. Many viewers complain about the jarring difference in sound levels, which can be uncomfortable or even harmful to your ears. there are several methods you can try to address this issue and make your viewing experience more enjoyable.


  • One solution is to adjust the settings on your Roku TV itself. Navigate to “Settings” and then “Audio.”
  • From here, select “Volume Mode” and choose “Night” or “Leveling,” both of which will help maintain consistent volume throughout programming and commercials.
  • You can also turn on “Loudness Equalization,” which amplifies quiet sounds while lowering louder ones. This can balance out any drastic shifts in volume during ads.
  • Use external devices like sound bars or speakers with built-in leveling technology.

Can you block ads on Roku TV?

One downside that users often face is dealing with the ads displayed on their screens. With so many people turning to ad-blockers on other devices, it begs the question: can you block ads on Roku TV? The answer is yes – there are methods available for users who want to reduce or eliminate ads.

  • One way to block ads on Roku TV is by subscribing to premium channels that offer ad-free viewing.
  • Channels such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video provide uninterrupted content without any advertisements in between.
  • Another method involves using a router with an ad-blocking feature installed.
  • This method blocks all internet-based advertising across all devices connected to the network, including Roku TVs.


In Above paragraphs we have discussed this question Why Are Roku Commercials So Loud? Roku commercials are so loud because they want to grab your attention and make you remember their product. They want you to come try out Roku and see for yourself how great it is. So if you’re looking for a streaming device that is both affordable and easy to use, Roku is the perfect option.

Frequently Asked Question

How do I fix loud commercials on Hulu with Roku?

There are a few ways to fix loud commercials on Hulu with Roku. One way is to change the volume level for individual channels. Another way is to use a channel guide addon.

How do I stop commercials from being so loud?

There are a few things you can do to try and reduce the volume of commercials on television. you can try to use a TV with a louder sound option. you can try to watch shows or movies at home instead of watching them on TV., you can try to avoid watching commercials altogether.

How do I make my Roku commercials quieter?

There are a few ways to make your Roku commercials quieter. One option is to adjust the volume on your Roku. Another option is to adjust the audio settings on your Roku. you can try using a commercial-free channel.

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