Nowadays, the most talked about feature in the world of gaming is crossplay. 

Therefore, a game becomes much more exciting if it offers crossplay compatibility. It allows players to compete with each other in the virtual world, regardless of what console they are using.

Dead Island was launched in 2011 and was successful enough to acquire all the limelight. Now, its sequel, Dead Island 2 has been launched, but most gamers are still in doubt regarding one question.

They wonder – is Dead Island 2 crossplay or cross-platform? 

So, this write-up will attempt to answer this query for the Dead Island 2 fans.

Is Dead Island 2 Crossplay – Possible or Not?

Unfortunately, you cannot play Dead Island 2 with your game buddy. Dead Island 2 does not offer crossplay/cross platform functionality at the launch, which means you cannot team up or invite players with different platforms. The developers answered this question on the official website, as you can find it in one of their Technical FAQs.

Dead Island 2

But you might be wondering what exactly crossplay means.

Crossplay allows players to join the game regardless of the chosen system or generation. This amazing feature enhances the overall gaming experience by removing the barricades between the platforms.

Moreover, cross platform/crossplay integration has become essential in the gaming industry in the last few years, a special thanks to Fortnite. It has been a welcome addition to foster a wide-ranging and diverse player base.

More About Dead Island 2

Dead Island (2011) was a massive hit for its exceptional zombie-slaying gameplay and multiplayer user experience. Dead Island 2 was announced back in 2014 and took additional development time for approximately 9 years.

Interestingly, players’ excitement for Dead Island 2 remained unchanged despite numerous delays.

Dead Island 2 gameplay

Sadly, crossplay is not possible while playing this famous game. It lacks crossplay compatibility, just like GTA 5 and Conan Exiles do since their launch dates.

However, this action RPG game does support cross generation play. Let’s discuss the concept of cross-gen ahead.

Does Dead Island 2 Support Cross Generation?

Now that you know, the Dead Island 2 crossplay feature is not available yet. But, the good part is that cross-generational functionality is possible with this game. This feature allows interconnection between consoles from different platforms.

For example, if a game supports cross-generation – 

  • PS5’s users can join forces with PS4.
  • Xbox Series X/S can play along with Xbox One/S/X.
  • PC players can host and join co-op sessions together.

If this condition fits you and your gaming buddy, no one can stop you from joining forces and killing zombies together.


While playing cross-generationally, it is worth noting that the players from the latest consoles should host for a better experience.

Dead Island 2 Co-Op – Explained

Playing multiplayer games with your friends adds more indulgence and increases the level of involvement when compared to playing solo.

Dead Island 2 offers the option to co-op with up to a team size of three players. The host and the other two potential players can choose from six available characters, each with their own unique abilities, to become the ultimate zombie slayer!

However, you cannot access the co-op mode immediately. It gets unlocked once you reach Emma’s mansion and progress through the main story quest, “Call the Cavalry” mission.

To initiate co-op play mode:

  • Go to Menu, then select the SOCIAL Tab 
  • Click on CONTINUE GAME
  • Tap on the PLAY button
  • Change the GAME TYPE to INVITE ONLY
  • Go back to Home
  • Search for your friend’s username
  • Below Invite, choose Invite to a game

Now, your friend will be able to play along with you.

However, the steps may slightly differ if you want to play with strangers. In that case, go to the Main menu >> Join Game.

Due to the game’s high graphic demands, the host should be from the latest generation consoles or one of the Generation 8+ consoles.

Final Thoughts

Coming to the conclusion of this write-up, it is finalized that Dead Island 2 is neither crossplay nor cross-platform. This news may be disheartening for the gamers’ but they are still hoping that the feature will arrive in the future and raised another question: Will Dead Island 2 be cross platform in upcoming updates?

However, cross-generation is possible if both the players are on the same console. Other gamers have added the crossplay feature post-launch, so there is a positive hope that it could happen here, too in the future.

Till then, keep eliminating zombies as they are crawling in “HELL A”!


Ans: Well, there are no such official announcements regarding this; the Dead Island fans are merely hoping for this to happen.

Ans: Sadly, Dead Island 2 does not support cross-progression, which means that you will not be able to transfer progress between different platforms.

Ans: To play Dead Island 2 on your PC the minimum requirements are an AMD Radeon RX 480 graphics card, AMD FX -9590 CPU, storage space up to 70Gb, and Windows 10.


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