The kick-start of Chivalry 2 has become a great deal in the gaming industry. The epic launch of this mind-bending game has got every gamer’s mind stuck on a single question; “Is Chivalry 2 Crossplay?” And if yes, then How to Crossplay in Chivalry 2?

If you happen to be one of them, then this article is for you. It covers all the details of Chivalry 2, from cross-play to gameplay, new additions, and many more.

About Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 is an intense multiplayer game loaded with vivid graphics and enthralling gameplay. It takes the players into the world of epic battlefields, where they move into action. From clashing blades to storms of blazing arrows and more, the graphics have everything to make you feel the heat of a raging war.

Chivalry 2 Achievements

From a recent update by the owner, Torn Banner, Chivalry 2 is seen as surpassing sales records. The ever-growing popularity of chivalry is capable of tackling GTA 5. In just a few days, it has already had 8M+ total hours played and 420+ million+ knights killed on the battlefield. With officer being the most used subclass and Messer as the most used weapon, it’s obvious how immersed the gamers are in this new version of Chivalry. 

Crossplay Or Cross-Platform?

Coming to the main question that has been running through everyone’s mind for months, “Does Chivalry 2 have Crossplay or Cross-platform?” 

It is certain that Chivalry 2 began its journey as a cross-platform long ago. Since the first day of its release, it has been available on many major platforms, such as Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and Microsoft Windows. Not just this, the developers of this thrilling game are also working on expanding it to various other platforms.

When it comes to being a crossplay, this revolutionary game cannot meet the criteria completely yet. However, the new gameplay has made players able to compete and fight together on the same battlefield.

But it can be tough to identify your friends when you’re in the middle of a warfare with violence, fire, and blood in its entirety. So in a recent update, there was an introduction of a new way to engage in a vicious battle with your friends on your side.

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How to Use Chivalry 2 Cross-play?

Server Browser- A Way Around

The server browser emerged as a savior for all the gamers grieving about being unable to fight with their best buddies. With its entry, there came a way to coordinate with your warriors and find a match to be joined by everyone.

Chivalry Server Browser

The server browser can be found by selecting Standalone Servers’ from the Main menu. It sums up all the current open servers in a list with their number of players, map, and game mode. With its advanced filters, you can clear out the rush of full servers and find the perfect one. After searching for the most suited server, share it with your playmates and bring the battle on!

The Beta Version of Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 Beta

In a later update, a new Beta version of the immersive game is released as an option to relieve the pain of gamers worldwide. This version is merely a preview of the actual adventure that is going to take place in the gameplay.

Chivalry 2 Beta1

Those who are tired of relying on the server browsers can use this new system of invite codes to find their friends in-game. To do this, just go on to the social menu, where you can find all the friends you’ve added before. For a new addition, choose ‘Add friend’ and enter the code sent by your friend. Or share your code for them to add you.

The Promise to Bring Cross-Play in Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 Update

What’s a better relief for everyone than a promise of the perfect crossplay system from the owner of the game, Torn Banner himself? In a post on the official account of Chivalry 2, Torn clearly mentioned the efforts being made to make every player’s wish come true. Although the time hasn’t been decided yet, it is certain that there will definitely be an update, and then the real crossplay will come into sight.

What’s New in Chivalry 2?

Ready to get your swords and run to the combat arena while gurgling battle cries? Let’s give you a quick rush of adrenaline with these new features of Chivalry 2.

64- Player Map

Chivalry 2 gameplay

64-Players sprawling across the ever-new Team Objective map is something to die for. The addition of this new multiplayer system has turned the tables and brought the Chivalry series into a new light. 

Sieging castles, burning villages, and slashing down enemies are even more thrilling than before in this sequel of Chivalry. With so many new combat moves and faster combat flow, Chivalry 2 has become more competitive than ever.

New Addition to maps

The Sacking Of Bridgetown

With the all-new multiplayer battle system, there was nothing left to expect anymore. And the emergence of new areas in the maps is just another ground-breaking addition to the thrill. 

After successfully breaching the boundaries of the bulwark, the warriors will now have to pass through “The Sacking of Bridgetown” to continue their journey. Stop at nothing, warriors! This is just another way to tell the world who rules the match.

More Weapons

Yes, you heard that right, the package doesn’t end yet. Not without the introduction of the ever-so-powerful swords that tear everything apart, hammers that smash a crowd, and bows that pierce a bird’s eye in a blink.

The Heavy Cavalry Sword

Swords is one of the most prominent hand weapons for warriors, and the Chivalry franchise has definitely kept that in mind. With that, there is now an all-new sword that is longer, sharper, and stronger – “The Heavy Cavalry Sword”. 

A weapon specially made for the Man-at-Arms Footman Soldier and the Knight Guardian. Long reach and slow swings, this has got it all to bring your enemies down on their knees. In addition, it also boosts the power of horseback attacks with slash attacks different from attacks on foot. 

Unsheathe your sword, bring your inner fighter out, and scream, “I’m invincible!”

More Armours

Chivalry 2 Armours

After increasing the attacking abilities, it is nothing but a must to ride up your defense as well. With all the new weapons ready to slash everything that comes in view, a stronger armor suit is what you need to keep your guards up. The special edition Feydrid’s Aegis Armour and the Rebel King’s Armour can do just that for you.


There’s no doubt that everyone is still waiting to play Chivalry 2 at its finest. There are definitely going to be a lot of future updates to make Escapade even more electrifying. But even now, Chivalry 2 has the power to rule the gaming industry!

The journey of this article ends here, but yours has just started. Become a Knight of Legend and feel the sickening thud of steel with every blow you land. Keep battling even while gasping for your last breath. ‘Because even if you die, it will be a Glorious Death. 

Go get your blades, Warriors! And let the War begin.


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