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Who doesn’t like playing rip-roaring online games? Cross-play platforms like Gang Beasts are currently gaining popularity above all gaming websites. But have you heard of Ark: Survival Evolved Crossplay Platform?

Regardless of whether your answer is “Yes” or “No,” it is time to learn more about Ark Cross Platform, Is Ark Survival Cross Platform, and much more.  

What is Ark: Survival Evolved Cross Platform?

Ark Crossplay PS4 PC

Similar to Chivalry 2 Platform and GTA 5 CrossPlay Platform, Ark: Survival Evolved Cross Platform is another multiplayer Survival game that has topped various online gaming platforms.

Combining a diversified set of elements such as Survival, dinosaurs, and exploration, you can enjoy an immersive gaming experience full of adventures.

Ark Game Mechanism

As you begin the Ark game, you will be dropped onto an island that is populated by many ancient creatures. While roaming around, you are supposed to collect resources and build shelters while taming a dinosaur to survive until the game ends. Although this game is difficult to master, it will undoubtedly satisfy you by allowing you to see the fruits of your continuous efforts in real-time. 

What Roles Do Dinosaurs Have in the Game?

Dinos playing a significant role in the Ark Crossplay game 

Dinos play a variety of roles in the game, such as providing transportation, fighting in battle, and providing essential items for Survival such as milk and eggs. Since you have to tame these enormous beasts while playing the game, you must have a clever strategy that works in your favor to win.

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Multiplayer Ark Crossplay Aspect: PVE vs. PVP

Since Ark Crossplay consists of a multiplayer component, you will always have the option to choose either the Player versus Environment (PVE) mode or the Player versus Player (PVP) mode.

If you select PVE, you and other players have to compete against the environment, whereas if you opt out of the PVP mode, then it creates direct competition between you and your other rival players.

As a result, the flexible combination of Ark: Survival Evolved Cross Platform mechanics has made the game’s concept full of adventurous challenges. 

Is Ark Cross Platform or Not? 

Is Ark Cross Platform

To answer the question, yes, Ark Crossplay is possible; however, it is not a matter of happiness because it is not without drawbacks.

Let me tell you that the Ark Survival Cross Platform can be enabled through two pairs only, i.e., Android and iOS and Xbox and Windows. It implies that if you have a PS4, Nintendo Switch player, or macOS, then none of these will work, as Ark Survival doesn’t support any of these devices.

Simply put, it is available only on iOS, Android, Xbox, and Windows PC. Therefore, Ark: Survival Evolved Crossplay is a semi-cross platform. However, you do not have to be skeptical of the platform’s usefulness; it is still regarded as one of the best cross-platform games.

Is Ark Crossplay Xbox and PC?

Since Ark: Survival Evolved Crossplay is an open platform, it can be accessed via Windows 10 PC version and Xbox. It implies that you and your gaming partner can enjoy playing Ark: Survival Evolved Cross Platform using this Xbox and PC cross-play combination.

Note: Remember that if you have chosen an Xbox device to play the Ark: Survival Evolved Crossplay game, then you can’t combine it with a mobile device. Because mobile is solely a handheld device, unlike Xbox, which depends on a console, both devices cannot be used in this context.   

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How Can You Play an Ark Crossplay Game?

How to play Ark Crossplay game

Firstly, before you even proceed into the process, simply turn on and activate the cross-play on your Ark server. Doing this allows the game store to align on the device you are using to play on Ark: Survival Evolved Cross Platform.

Note: To enable Ark on your device in the most straightforward way, all you need is to visit a browser and choose any of the servers that you want to join.

I have listed two key points to keep in mind in this regard below; read them through once to ensure that nothing is left unclear when it comes to playing the Ark Crossplay game: 

  • There is no prescribed way to join a server; you only have the option to join the server that is currently being hosted. 
  • Also, keep in mind that there are some restrictions for players who want to join a game, so make sure the sanctioned limit is updated on the platform before you set the number of players in the game.

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Why are CrossPlay Platforms in trend

With everything evolving at a fast pace, experimenting with games also seems quite obvious. Most of you may want to play online games with your siblings or friends across cross-platforms. Honestly speaking, it’s more of a necessity because buying a new device similar to what your friend uses doesn’t sound practical at all.

Apart from the increased social interaction, cross-play has also widened the lifespan of games like Ark: Survival Evolved Crossplay by maintaining active player bases on several platforms in real-time. 

Let’s go through some more significant benefits of cross-play functionality on gaming platforms: 

  • Opportunity for matchmaking: Multiple players come at a single platform from every corner of the world, which helps in quick matchmaking and incorporating a balanced competition.
  • Cost-effective: Instead of buying numerous copies or versions of any single game, players, along with their friends or siblings, can play their favorite game through their respective devices, thereby saving huge investments from getting wasted. 

New Era With Ark 2 

Ark 2 claims to bring novel and more thrilling adventures for franchise fans. Better graphics and more creative gameplay mechanics can be expected thanks to the use of Unreal Engine 5 technology. 

While details announced at The Game Awards 2023 are still not clear yet, it’s interesting to know if this vision gets accomplished sooner or later. If something similar occurs, this new move will be in line with current industry trends, favoring platform-neutral multiplayer modes. 

Though you can only rely on time if this becomes a reality, you can always enjoy what Ark has to offer right now while waiting for what lies ahead. 


Ans: Unfortunately, Ark cross-play is not possible between PS4 and PC.

Ans: No, because playing Ark: Survival Evolved Crossplay on Nintendo’s console is restricted.

Ans: Since Ark Crossplay has not come up with any updates after 2022, it would be rational not to expect much. Although they may have specific future goals, what appears in their minds has yet to be made clear as of now.

Ans: The multiplayer component of Ark, which has been present from the start, is the only thing that can be credited with its enormous popularity.

Ans: Sadly, it appears that the developers are being ambiguous about the course of action they intend to take. But do not worry; there is still something in store for you, namely Ark Crossplay’s upcoming sequel, Ark 2.

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