Tablets have become an essential gadget for most people, whether for work or entertainment. It is becoming increasingly popular. With the advancement of technology, tablets can now perform projects that were once only possible on laptops and PCs. One crucial factor to look at when purchasing a tablet is storage capacity.

Many wonder whether Is 128GB Enough For A Tablet for all their needs or if they should opt for more or less storage capacity. The answer to this question relies on what you plan on using your tablet for. 

Is 128GB Enough For A Tablet?

Is 128GB Enough For A Tablet

128GB is enough for a tablet can be tricky to answer, but the good news is that with 128GB of Storage, you can store between 1,280 and 5,000 apps, depending on their size.

The average app size varies from as little as 2MB to over 500 MB. If you plan to download mostly small apps like games or social media platforms, 128GB should be enough for your needs. And if you are into larger apps such as video editing software or games with high-quality graphics and soundtracks, then more might be needed in the long run.

For the average user who wants a tablet primarily for browsing the web, watching videos or movies, reading books, or playing casual games, 128GB of Storage should be more than sufficient. This amount of Storage can hold thousands of photos, hundreds of apps, and even some high-definition video content without any issues.

If you are preparing to use your tablet as your primary device for work purposes, such as creating presentations or editing large files like videos or photos, you may need more than 128GB. Considering other options, such as cloud storage or an external hard drive, is essential.

How do you Store Your Files? (Offline or on the Cloud?)

In today’s digital age, storing files has become necessary for everyone. The two common ways to keep your files are offline or on the cloud.

  • Offline Storage refers to storing your files locally on a device such as a hard drive or USB stick. 
  • Cloud storage entails saving your data onto remote servers accessible through the internet.

Offline Storage is often considered the traditional file storage method and offers more control over data. You have physical access to your files at all times and can transfer them between devices without an internet connection. It comes with risks, as hardware failures or losses can lead to permanent data loss.

Cloud storage provides users with flexibility and convenience that offline methods cannot match. It allows easy access to essential documents from anywhere worldwide and seamlessly enables sharing amongst multiple users.

Apart from cloud storage, we have a few more online storage solutions that will relieve this annoying situation.

These are the choices:

  • Mega
  • Dropbox
  • One Drive
  • Google Drive
  • Wetransfer

Is 128 GB Tablet Enough for Personal and Professional Use?

Regarding tablets, storage capacity is a crucial factor that users consider. With the growing amount of personal and professional data people store on their devices, having enough storage space can make or break the user’s experience. The 128 GB tablet is an option many consider due to its versatility.

For personal use, a 128 GB tablet may be more than enough for most users. This capacity allows you to store a vast collection of photos, videos, music, and documents without worrying about running out of space anytime soon. Most apps only take up a little memory, too; thus, you can download whatever you like without stressing about quickly eating up your device’s Storage.

Regarding professional use cases, such as in businesses where employees need access to large files or presentations on the go – more than 128 GB might be required. Because you will face problems with your device due to memory overflow, your device will suffer from ghost touch repeatedly, as usually happens on iPad. So how to get rid of ghost touch on iPad or tablet? For that, you have to go to our other page

What Amount of RAM is Suitable for a Tablet? 

Is 128GB Enough For A Tablet

RAM temporarily stores data so your device can access it quickly. The amount of RAM you need will rely on how you intend to use a tablet. 

If you’re primarily looking for a tablet for browsing the web, checking email, and using essential apps, then 2GB of RAM should suffice. Suppose you plan on running more demanding apps such as picture or video editing programs or playing high-end games. You should search for a tablet with at least 4GB to 8GB of RAM because more RAM can improve performance and multitasking capabilities.

Do you Prefer Streaming or Saving Movies and Music?

Streaming and saving movies and music have become a way of life for many people. With the advent of high-speed internet connections, we can stream movies and music easily. We can also play games online without any lag or interruption.

In recent years, streaming has skyrocketed in popularity because it allows users to access content instantly without waiting for downloads or physical media to arrive. We can enjoy our favorite TV shows, movies, and songs on demand with services like Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify. These services provide a sizable content library that would be impossible to store on a personal device.

Some still prefer the traditional approach of saving their favorite media files onto their device. While this may require more effort upfront regarding downloading and storage space, it gives users complete control over their content. Some movies come in 4K and 8K formats, taking up between 2GB and 20GB of space on the tablet.


We did our best could to explain this to you. Is 128GB enough for a tablet, depending on individual needs and usage? Those who primarily use their tablet for consuming media and light productivity tasks may find it more than enough storage space.

It’s essential to assess your usage habits and choose a tablet that meets your needs. More storage options are likely to become available as technology develops.


How ample is 128GB storage?

128GB is the equivalent of approximately 125,000 photos or about 86 hours of HD video.

What is the average Storage of a tablet?

A tablet’s storage capacity will be smaller than that of a laptop or desktop computer. For example, an iPad Mini typically has 8GB of Storage, while a MacBook Air has up to 1TB.

How many apps can I install on a tablet?

There are many different tablets, and each has a different number of apps that can be installed. On average, most tablets have around 50-100 apps that have been installed.

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