The digital world is booming and showing no signs of slowing down, in fact, quite the opposite, it is showing increased signs of gaining momentum and becoming an even bigger topic in the lives of many. Many industries have taken their fields of work online, from gaming to auto mechanics to florists – almost every business in today’s modern world has a digital footprint. 

This article aims to shed light on all the different ways technology is impacting the digital world. 

Safety and Security

One of the biggest roles that technology has had in the digital world is the safety and security that people feel. Partaking in any kind of social media engagement, playing an online game like this one or trying to buy groceries online all require you to enter sensitive and private information that you would not want leaked. Technology has significantly added to the security and safety that people feel online. There are technological advances such as two-factor authentication or Apple Face ID which allow you to have more control over the login stage of your account. If you have 2FA, you essentially have a second additional stage of password protection in the form of a spontaneous code made up of symbols and digits that are sent directly to your mobile number and only accessible for a few seconds. Or you if use Face ID, which naturally only grants the person with those specific facial features access. This technology has been used in banks, Instagram accounts and online casinos – you can find it everywhere!

Furthermore, embedded in a lot of programs are additional technologies that keep people safe, as they record each movement made online. When it comes to financial transactions, you may consider blockchain technology as one of the leading options. This piece of software was created to keep those who are moving funds, especially cryptocurrency, safe and secure due to its decentralized nature. Blockchain technology is often attributed to the reason cryptocurrencies have become so popular and widely spread. Securing your digital assets is a hugely important step for anyone looking to be part of the digital world, which is why the technology that allows it is so important. 

Creating Captivating Experiences

Seeing as many people spend a large amount of their time engaging in something online, whether it’s reading a book online, messaging someone on social media, posting a story, watching a YouTube video or playing an online game – technology has made sure that leaps and bounds have been experienced in creating immersive and memorable experiences. The amount of books, for example, that are now available online is in the millions, plus the audio versions are available too, thanks to technology. Now, someone can write a book in New York, New York, read it out loud and a person in Sydney, Australia can listen to it the very next morning, halfway across the world. This is much the same with social media, work sites, game stations and the list continues. Every touchpoint that users and consumers have with their favorite products is not only online but online in such a way that they are massively captivating. 

Fostering Communities

Sometimes people look to technology with a bit of a raised brow, questioning whether or not the improvements and advancements made were really all worth it. Many question whether the ‘simple’ and ‘good old days’ were not a better time. No one can really answer that question but the thought of technology making people more individual and creating a sense of isolation is certainly not true. Never before have people been able to communicate the way they do. Now, friends and families can share stories at the moment by simply starting a free WhatsApp call or better yet, video calling so that your people can be right alongside you and see everything in real time. People who have not heard from each other in years or were separated from one another for a myriad of reasons, now have a much better chance of finding their loved ones, as people are documented globally and can be found on platforms such as Facebook. This has created a more social world than ever experienced before. Not to mention the fact that the life expectancy of people is increasing as every year ticks by, resulting in people with a significant age having the ability to stay in contact with their grandkids using technology, such as a mobile phone. It’s a great way to create community and ensure that connection is never lost.


It is clear to see that technology has had a large impact on many industries, as well as many individual people. Everyone who lives in today’s modern age has had an experience with technology and noticed the massive role that it plays in their lives and it shows no sign of slowing down. 

James Wilson
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