Assignment writing is a process that you can streamline significantly with the help of technology. Many different steps in the process can be improved with technological tools. 

For example, you can conduct research a lot better if you use technology. The same goes for the actual writing part itself.

In this post, we’re going to talk about just how you can improve the quality of assignments and learn how to write better with top online writing tools.  So, keep calm and stay with us.

How can we Improve Assignments with Technology?

There are numerous ways to improve the writing process with tech advances. However, today we are going to discuss only a few of them. Those methods include:

Technology for writing assignment

Take Help from Online Tools to Create an Outline for Your Assignment

The first phase of the writing process is to write down the outline for your assignment.

An outline covers all the headings and parts that your project must contain. In some cases, attaching a table of contents can be required as per the instructions. But even when it is not, creating one can be very helpful.

Outlining assists in clearing up the matter to write in the assignment before you get started. And this is something that can be done quite easily and effectively with technology.

There are online AI-based tools available that aid you in this job. You can use tools like Google Bard to make a detailed sketch that can be later dilated and help save significant time. You can technically use any type of AI assistant or even a dedicated outline generator. These are easily found on the Internet.

To give you an example of how this works, here is a screenshot showing Google Bard creating an assignment.

 Writing assignment using Google Bard image

Take Help from Online Tools to Help You Write Better and Smoother

Once the outline is all done and made, the next thing you have to do is start writing on it. When you start jotting down, get assistance from online platforms to make the sentences and passages flow better and come out smoother.

Here is what we mean by this.

What you can do is write out a few passages in your assignment and then read them through. If you find that they are not very smoothly flowing, run them through a paraphrasing tool.

Paraphrasing tools work by rephrasing the content that they are given and changing the way that it is written. This they do by replacing the existing words with their synonyms, altering the sentence structures, and so on.

The purpose of these changes is to make the text look different but convey the same meaning. When you use AI paraphrasing programs for the job, the changes made to the text not only alter it, but also improve its overall quality.

However, to do this, finding the right tool is vital. We recommend using This tool is free to use, and it does not require you to sign up or anything. 

The work is also very smart, and the changes it makes usually make the content better than how it originally was.

Here is a screenshot to show you what we mean:

Writing assignment using Paraphrasing tool  image

Take Help from Online Tools to Find and Fix Grammar and Punctuation Errors

Another vital step when writing projects is to find and fix punctuation and grammar errors after you’re done with the first draft. These types of errors can severely impact the quality of the assignment, and it is necessary to remove them.

The normal and “traditional” way to do this is to simply proofread the content and look for errors in it. This requires a few proofreading sessions before eliminating all the issues.

You can use Grammarly with MS Word, Google Docs, or its parent website as well.

However, with technology, you can get assistance from these tools and do the same thing quickly and without making a lot of effort.

Online grammar checkers exist in abundance on the Internet, and you can find them with a simple Google search. These programs check the provided content for errors, and then they also provide the correct suggestions for them that can be applied right inside the text.

To demonstrate the functionality of such tools, the example of Grammarly suffices.

Writing assignment using Grammarly image

Take Help from Technological Tools to Check for Plagiarism in Your Assignment

Another step that you have to take before wrapping an assignment up is checking for plagiarism. Usually, educational institutes have a specific plagiarism limit that cannot be exceeded. In some cases, it is 10%, whereas in others, it is 15%.

Once you write the content, ensure that it does not exceed this limit. If it does, different consequences may follow along.

Online tools make the process of checking plagiarism quick and easy. You can simply enter the topic and start the process with the press of a button. After that, the tool checks it and highlights any parts that it finds to be plagiarized.

We recommend using a popular and well-known tool for this purpose because it is necessary for it to be accurate. You can try out the plagiarism checker by Editpad.

What not to do with Online Technological Tools when Writing Assignments?

While we have mentioned some things that you can do with online tools when writing projects, it is also vital to understand that there are some things you should never do and always stay clear of. Before we end this post, let’s take a look at some of those off-limit things.

Don’t use Tools to Completely Generate the Whole Assignment

While taking help in creating the assignment and fixing the flow of the sentences is fine, you should not use AI assistants and generative online tools to generate the entire content completely. You should not, for example:

  • Use Google Bard to create whole assignments.
  • Use paraphrasing tools to reword existing online matter and make it “unique.”

Apart from the fact that this sort of stunt can stunt your creativity and skill, it is also in contravention of the rules typically laid down by the institute/teacher.

Don’t use Inaccurate and Ineffective Tools

If you use inaccurate or ineffective tools for the stuff that we’ve mentioned above, you can end up getting in trouble. For example, if you use a third-class plagiarism checker, it could end up skipping chunks of plagiarized content and pass it off as “unique.”

The same goes for grammar and spell checkers. If they are not accurate, they could end up skipping errors and mistakes and not pointing them out.


Writing assignments using technology can be very beneficial. There are many steps that you can completely delegate to online tools and save time. 

In the post above, we have talked about the major use cases of these tools, such as creating outlines, improving sentence quality, and checking for grammar issues.

However, it is vital to make sure that you don’t break any rules when using these programs and pick the right ones that will offer guidance and not put you in trouble.

Zayn Tindall
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