The enye letter is formed with a squiggle on the top of the letter N. This became a part of the Spanish language in the 18th century and has since been the least commonly used letter. The Philippines (once being a Spanish colony) has included enye (ñ) as a separate letter in their culture.

It’s frequently used in Filipino correspondence and publications as well, but enye is not included in keyboards, similar to other diacritic letters, that’s why people struggle to find it. Fret not! We have found ways for you to use the enye letter on a variety of devices and operating systems.

Method to Type Enye on a Windows Computer or Laptop

If you want to type the letter enye on a Windows device, there are two options, and both are elaborately explained in the next sections. 

Through Numeric Key

If you have a keyboard with a numeric keypad, you can type enye by following these steps, 

  1. Press on the Numeric Lock key, to unlock the numeric keypad.
  2. Choose the Alt key and type 164 for enye small (ñ).
  3. Choose the Alt key and type 165 for enye big (Ñ).

Using Character Map

Here is how you put enye in laptop, using a character map.

  1. Select the Windows icon, on the taskbar.
    Choose Windows options on the taskbar
  1. Search Character Map, and tap on Open.
    Choose Open to open the Character Map
  1. Locate and double-tap on Ñ
    Locate the character you want to copy
    Double tap on the character you want to copy
  1. Click on Copy, and now you can paste it with (Ctrl+V) in your document.
    Tap on Copy to use the character in your document

Through the Windows Icon

There is another way you can use to type enye letter in your document,

  1. Press [Windows + Dot (.)] on your document, and a menu will pop up.
    The menu that pops up using the commands
  1. Tap on the Symbols, which is the second last option.
    Select the Symbols option
  1. Using the Arrow (►), choose Latin Symbols.
    Using the Arrow icon select Latin Symbols
  1. Scroll down to N, and navigate to locate the enye characters. At last, click on the character to get it in your document.
    Scroll down to find the enye characters from the list

This method works across all documents on your Windows device. Following the above-mentioned steps, you can type ñ in laptop and computers having Windows software. 

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How to Type Enye on Mac Devices?

There are two methods through which you can type enye on a Mac device. 

Method 1: Through Shortcut Key

To type ñ in keyboard, on a Mac device follow these steps,

  1. On your keyboard, Click on (Option + N), then capital N, using (Caps Lock + N) for enye big (Ñ). 
  2. For enye small (ñ), and press on (Option + N), then small n. Ensure that your Caps Lock is turned off.

Method 2: Using Character Viewer

  1. Press the (Ctrl + CMD + Spacebar) on your Mac Keyboard.
  1. In the pop-up menu, click on the Small Window in the top right corner.
    Choose the small window icon to expand this page
  1. In this expanded Character Viewer, type n in the Search Bar.
    Type n in the search bar at the top
  1. Double click enye big, or enye small from the menu below to have it in your document.
    Choose your desired character from the options

These steps work across all platforms on Mac devices.

How to Type Enye on Mobile Devices

If you want to type enye on your mobile device, follow the steps for your respective mobile devices. 

On iPhone & iPad

Here is how you can type enye symbol on iPhone & iPad,

  1. Long Press on the N key and the different variations of letter N will pop.
    Press on the letter N
  1. Slide to choose Ñ
    Slide to choose Ñ from the options

If you want the enye small (ñ) in your mobile device, you’ll just have to turn the CAPS lock off. 

On Android

Here is how you can type enye on an Android device,

  1. Hold on to the N key.
    Hold on to the N key
  1. Select Ñ from the pop-up.
    Select the pop up option

Using these simple steps, you can achieve the enye letter on your respective mobile device. 

Easiest Way: Copy and Paste 

The simplest way with which you can have enye in your text is by copying and pasting the character in your document. For this reason, we have provided you with an easy format for enye copy-paste. 

The enye small character (Lowercase):


The enye big character (Capital, or Uppercase):


All you have to do is copy (Ctrl + C) the character and then paste (Ctrl+V) it into your document.

Method to Type Enye in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word has a symbol insertion that lets you add enye to your file, follow subsequent steps to know how.

  1. Launch Microsoft Word, and tap on Insert.
    Tap on the Insert menu
  1. Press on the Symbol in the extreme right corner.
    Choose the Symbols menu
  1. Select on More Symbols.
    Choose More Symbols for the extended menu
  1. Locate and press on the enye, and then choose Insert.
    Locate and select enye then choose Insert

You can use this method across all devices having Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Word on Windows

If you are using Word on Windows and want to use enye symbol  in your document, you can follow any of these two simple methods:

Method 1:

  1.  Open Microsoft Word on Windows.
  2. Type N0303 for capital enye (Ñ).
  3. For lowercase enye (ñ), type n0303.

Method 2:

This method only gives you the uppercase, capital enye (Ñ).

For this, you have to,

  1. Go to the Microsoft Word document on a Windows device.
  2. Press on (Ctrl+Shift+Tilde (~)) + N.

Make sure your Caps Lock is turned off, or else it won’t work.

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How to Type Enye on a Linux Device?

On a Linux operating system, you can add enye by;

  1. Choose (Ctrl+Shift+U), at once.
  2. Release them all.
  3. Then, type 00d1 for a lowercase enye (ñ) and 00f1 for a capital enye (Ñ).

Using these enye shortcut keys, you can easily put the enye letter in your document. However, if you are using Google Docs the method will differ a bit, read below to know the method. 

Method to Type Enye on Google Document

You can add enye symbol in a Google Document using its built-in special characters feature.

  1. Open Google Documents, and tap on Insert.
    Tap on Insert in the menu at the top
  1. In the menu, click Special Characters.
    In the dropdown menu tap on Special Characters
  1. In the first dropdown menu, select Latin and in the second one choose Common.
    Select Latin and Common in the dropdown menus
  1. Find the character (ñ/Ñ) you want, and click on it. 
    Choose enye big Ñ
    Choose enye small ñ

How to Type Enye in HTML?

You can also include enye letter in an HTML document by,

  1. Typing &ntilde for enye small (ñ).
  2. You can get a big enye (Ñ) by typing &Ntilde

The enye letter (Ñ) is majorly used by someone who regularly handles Spanish and Filipino language-related texts. It’s difficult for them to work, without having easy access to this letter. For this reason, we accumulated a bunch of ways using which, you can easily integrate both big and small enye in your document. 

In case you want a quick way, just stick to the enye copy-paste method! 


Ans: To achieve enye big on your mobile device, you can: Long Press on the letter N >> Slide to choose the Enye letter, you want. However, if you want to type enye on a Windows device, you can do it by the character map method, for efficient results.

Ans: You can type enye letter on your laptop using the character map, Tap Windows Icon in the taskbar >> Search >> Character Map >> Select Open >> Locate >> Double-tap on enye character >> Select Copy >> Paste in any document, by using the command (Ctrl+V).

Ans: If you want to type the enye letter on a Windows device, you can achieve it using Alt combinations. Some Alt combinations are,

  1. (Alt + 164) for enye small (ñ).
  2. (Alt + 165) for enye big (Ñ)


Keyboard Language Help “enye” by Microsoft Community

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