Hoverboards have become a popular mode of transportation for people of all ages, especially the younger generation. These self-balancing scooters are fun to ride but also eco-friendly and cost-effective. Like any other electronic gadget, they require charging after use. While most hoverboards come with their charger, there may be times when you need to charge them using an alternative source.

We will discuss some best charging methods in this guide about How to Charge Hoverboard with a Laptop Charger. One such alternative is a laptop charger. It is convenient as it eliminates the need to carry multiple chargers while traveling or going on trips.

How to Charge Hoverboard with a Laptop Charger:

As a Hoverboard user, I was in a bind when my Hoverboard ran out of battery, and I couldn’t find the charger. But then, I remembered that my laptop charger had similar specifications. After confirming that both chargers had the same voltage and amperage requirements, I plugged my Hoverboard into my laptop charger. To my surprise, it worked perfectly!

The only downside was that charging took longer than the original charger. Using a laptop charger as an alternative charging source for a Hoverboard is an excellent backup plan when you’re in a pinch.

  • Ensure your laptop charger has an output voltage between 36V and 42V and a current rating of at least 2A.
  • Connect the DC plug from your laptop charger to the charging port on your Hoverboard.
  • Turn on the power switch on your Hoverboard and wait for it to start charging.
  • Keep an eye on the LED lights on both devices – when they turn green, the battery is fully charged.
  • It’s important to note that while using a laptop charger is convenient, charging your Hoverboard may take longer than using its original charger. You can use C type Charger for charging Hoverboard from laptop but before charging a board, you must check the laptop battery.

How to Charge Hoverboard? | Different Methods

Hoverboards are a popular mode of transportation for people of all ages. These electric, self-balancing boards allow you to glide around with ease and style. Like any electronic device, hoverboards must be charged regularly to function properly. With so many different chargers available, figuring out which one is best for your Hoverboard can be overwhelming. The option is a laptop or phone charger with the appropriate voltage and amperage output for your Hoverboard’s battery.

 A car charger or adapter is plugged into your cigarette lighter socket. A portable USB power bank can also charge your Hoverboard on the go, while a wall charger with a solar panel can provide an eco-friendly charging solution. 
Electric vehicles can also be used as mobile charging stations for your Hoverboard.

How to Charge Hoverboard? | Different Methods

Charge a Hoverboard with a Car Charger:

The option that you might not have considered before is using a car charger to charge your Hoverboard. 
Here are some key points to keep in mind when charging your Hoverboard with a car charger:

  • Ensure your car charger’s voltage output matches your Hoverboard’s voltage requirements.
  • Ensure there are no loose connections between the charger, the vehicle’s charging port, or the Hoverboard.
  • Avoid overcharging by monitoring the charging progress and disconnecting as soon as it reaches 100% capacity.
  • Always follow safety precautions when working with electrical components or batteries.

Charge with a Phone Charger:

You can charge your Hoverboard with a phone charger! 
Here are some important points to keep in mind:

  • Not all phone chargers are created equal: Make sure you use a high-quality phone charger that delivers enough power output for your Hoverboard. 
  • Check the voltage: The voltage required by your Hoverboard may vary from model to model.

Charge with a Car Adapter: 

Use your car adapter to charge your Hoverboard.

  • Most hoverboards have a standard charging port requiring an AC outlet.
  • You can use your car adapter to convert the DC power from your car battery into AC power.
  • To charge your Hoverboard using a car adapter, you will need an inverter that converts DC voltage into AC voltage.
  • The inverter plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter or 12V outlet and provides a standard AC outlet.

With a Portable USB Power Bank:

If you’re out and about with your Hoverboard and it runs out of juice, don’t panic! You can easily charge it using a portable USB power bank.
Here are some steps to follow:

  • Ensure that the voltage of the power bank matches what your Hoverboard requires.
  • Connect the USB cable to the power bank.
  • Plug the charging end into your Hoverboard’s charging port.
  • Turn on the power bank.
  • Wait for some time until your Hoverboard is fully charged.
  • Charging your Hoverboard with a portable USB power bank has several benefits. 
  • It saves you time as you don’t have to wait hours at an electrical outlet waiting for your board to charge.
How to Charge Hoverboard? | Different Methods

Charge with a Wall Charger:

One way to charge a hoverboard is with a wall charger. 
Here’s how:

  • Start by finding the charging port on your Hoverboard.
  • Plug one end of the wall charger into an electrical socket and the other into the charging port.
  • Make sure that the wall charger is securely plugged in and that there are no loose connections.
  • Turn on the power switch on your Hoverboard.
  • Look for an indicator light that shows your Hoverboard is charging – this may be a green or red light, depending on your model.
  • Allow your Hoverboard to charge fully before unplugging it from the wall charger – this can take up to 3 hours.
  • Unplug your Hoverboard from the wall charger and turn off its power switch once fully charged.

Charge a Hoverboard with a Solar Panel:

Technology advancements have enabled charging your Hoverboard with a solar panel! 

Here are some tips on how to do it:

  • Buy a solar panel compatible with your Hoverboard’s charging port. Most panels come with different adapters that can work with different devices.
  • You have the right panel; find a sunny spot in your yard or patio to set up the panel. Make sure it is facing directly toward sunlight for maximum efficiency.
  • Check your Hoverboard’s battery level and plug in the adapter from the solar panel into its charging port. If done correctly, you will see the LED light turn on, indicating that it is charging.

Charge with an Electric Vehicle: 

Charge a Hoverboard with an Electric Vehicle: A New Way to Stay Eco-Friendly! Here are some tips on how to charge your Hoverboard using the power from your EV:

  • Make sure that your hoverboard charger has a 12V car adapter.
  • Plug the charger into the car adapter outlet in your electric vehicle.
  • Turn on the electric vehicle and let it charge the hoverboard battery for about 30 minutes.
  • Monitor the charging process to avoid overcharging or overheating both devices.
  • Disable auto-shutdown features on both devices so they don’t shut down during charging.
  • Once fully charged, unplug both devices safely and store them away from each other.

Charge a Hoverboard with a Wall Plug:

 We know hoverboards come with charging cables; it’s always good to know the alternative ways of charging them.
If you want to charge your Hoverboard through a wall plug, here are some steps you can follow:

  • Make sure that the charger matches your Hoverboard’s voltage and current requirements.
  • Connect the charger’s AC adapter to the wall socket.
  • Plug the other end of the cable into your Hoverboard.
  • Look for a red or green light on your charger, indicating whether it is working.
  • Leave your Hoverboard connected until it reaches full capacity (usually around 2 – 3 hours).


As we read in the upper blog about How to Charge Hoverboard With a Laptop Charger, we concluded that Charging your Hoverboard with a different charger is a convenient and practical option. Ensuring your laptop charger meets the necessary power requirements and has the right connector is essential. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and avoid using other chargers, which may damage your device or cause safety hazards.

With these tips in mind, you can safely charge your Hoverboard on the go without worrying about running out of battery.
So next time you’re traveling or away from an electrical outlet, remember that your laptop charger could be the solution to keep your Hoverboard charged and ready for action!


Can I use my Hoverboard without a solar panel?

Yes, you can use your Hoverboard without a solar panel. However, the battery will last shorter without sunlight.

How long will it take to charge my Hoverboard?

Most hoverboards will take around 3-4 hours to fully charge

How does the solar panel work?

A solar panel is made up of several small, flat, transparent panels that are connected. Sunlight hits the panels and is turned into electricity by the panel’s cells.

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