The apartment business has developed considerably over the past decades. It has become part of everyday life, so it must meet modern requirements. We recommend creating an online resource to introduce your potential client to the rental business. 

To save money and time on website development, search for an excellent hotel landing page template from TemplateMonster. In this article, we are providing all the details about such layouts.

What Is a Landing Site

Modern Internet promotion strategies include many techniques and methods to increase efficiency and attract users’ attention. 

One of the promotion tools is a one-page platform. Many companies pay attention to such web resource development instead of full-fledged multi page websites. You use it for the following purposes:

  • Sale of one specific product or service
  • Event announcement
  • Visitor data collection

Its purpose is to collect only paid traffic, which is directed using contextual advertising. Traffic can also come from social networks, video services, and email newsletters. 

The promotion of online sites using SEO optimization methods is invalid. We recommend approaching this issue. 

A thank-you page is significant to complete the landing page experience, as it restores navigation to your website. It can also include an invitation to subscribe to your blog or another related offer. 

Landing structure

Each web page should cover three needs:

  • After opening the site, the user must understand what opportunity is provided to him on the resource. For this, it is necessary to formulate and display an offer on the site, that is, a commercial offer that is valuable for the visitor.
  • It should contain comprehensive information about the benefits and advantages of working with you.
  • The user contacts the company or makes a purchase fast and without problem, while he is surfing the platform. It is around this targeted action. It is the main purpose of the online site.
  • One of the most significant tasks of such a site is to collect leads for further processing. You send emails, news about future events, presentations of new products and services, and profitable offers to potential buyers based on the contact database.

It is worth realizing that no one will leave their data to you just like that. They need to be exchanged for something helpful and enjoyable. 

Pay attention to the following offers for visitors: coupons, discounts, free test access to the service, e-book, podcast, presentation, video, newsletter with interesting articles, etc. 

The graph below shows the market size of the hotel and resort industry worldwide from 2013 to 2023 has seen growth despite minor fluctuations. Part of this consistency has been because of websites that offer ease of booking from their home. 

 Hotel and Resort Industry Market Size from 2013-2023.

Why Hotel Booking Businesses Need a Website

In today’s world, where most travelers use the Internet to search and book apartments, an apartment owner should have a web resource for booking. It allows businesses to be visible online and provides guests with information about services, offers, photos, etc.

Check out the main reasons why such a web resource is most helpful:

  • Increase in profits. The website visitor can quickly book apartments without the need to contact reception. Also, owning a website saves money on commissions paid to travel platforms.
  • Saving time. Working with intermediaries takes a lot of time to exchange documents, control payments, and check the availability of free numbers. The management system is available to any time-keeping employee.
  • Attracting loyal customers. Users of travel platforms rarely become permanent guests. Owning a website allows the company to tell about its history and advantages and win the loyalty of customers who can become regular guests.
  • Positive reputation. One cannot build a strong apartment brand without a website. Platform users remember the logo of the aggregator, not the hostel they booked.
  • Competitiveness. When visiting aggregators, the client will discover many other offers of competitors. Promoting your brand on such platforms strengthens your position.
  • Analysis of needs. When a hotel has its website, it’s easier to analyze guest behavior and study platform visit statistics. This data will help improve a brand, generate business statistics, and make it more attractive to customers.

Apartment Landing Page Template Video

For such web resources related to booking, it is necessary to have different forms for drawing attention and collecting information about leads. 

TemplateMonster offers a tutorial on how to set up the registration and newsletter subscription forms:

Hotels Landing Page Template FAQ

Ans: It is a one-page web resource. The purpose of it is to collect paying potential customers. With the help of leads, increases brand awareness, improves sales conversion, and gets an audience for an event.

Ans: First, register on the TemplateMonster marketplace and create your account. Pick the necessary item and add it to the shopping cart.


Our specialist sends a direct link to purchase the template. After that, fill out the billing form with payment data. Opt for a convenient payment gateway and transfer money.

After that receive an email or call to verify the process which will take a few minutes. A link to the skin will be sent to your account. Download and enjoy!


Ans: Good knowledge of HTML language is required for editing layouts. Hiring a content management system is recommended to convert the skin to WordPress. 

TemplateMonster provides such a service along with a convenient Elementor builder.

Ans: We recommend following several rules to make the right choice. The provider must provide 24/7 technical support. Opt for a server provider that answers questions from owners of web resources and other Internet projects. The site loading speed should also be fast. 

The client will not wait long for the site to load. It is advisable that one-page hosting have a built-in site builder. Thanks to this, creating a resource is easier without the involvement of designers and layout specialists using ready-made templates.

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