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When it comes to online gaming, players have a bevy of options to choose from. NBA 2K tries to get keen basketball players online, says that punters interested in finding some thrilling bonuses and promotions should get involved and GTA tells everyone to join in the march of online gaming to make for a more exciting online experience. Depending on the platform and game you engage with, will have a large impact on the kind of experience you have. However, one thing rings true across all games of all industries and that is the effect that the improvements of technology have had on them. 

This article aims to shed light on the ways in which technological advancements have shaped and impacted the world of online gaming.

An Immersive Experience

One of the most thrilling aspects of the rise of technological advancements is the fact that players now get to experience an online game session like never before. Game developers and software engineers have spent countless hours trying to create a game that is a pleasure to play, from the audio to the visual aspects. If you’re partaking in a game of Battlefield, for example, you want to feel as though you are in the middle of the ground fighting for your life. As a player, you want the experience to feel as real and look as real as possible so that you are as engaged in the game as possible. 

With audio stimulation and the improvement of visuals, players can now look forward to an improved experience. Take the new GTA 6 game that is being released. The YouTube video for the trailer of that game received the most views a trailer has ever received. This just goes to show how many people are interested in online gaming. One of the big reasons that the trailer was so popular was because people could not believe the quality of the visuals and audio that they were seeing. 

In today’s digital age and era, people expect a seamless and tailored experience. They want to feel as though they are playing on the most advanced piece of technology. Creating immersive experiences in which the player can enjoy high-resolution graphics, while enjoying sound quality that could only compare to an iMax experience, is imperative to get players to a gaming site or platform.

Advanced Technology is Creeping In

Many thought that the way NBA 2K is now, with the creation of avatars, being able to go shopping with them, having conversations with managers and scouts regarding your avatar’s career and the general high-quality audio and visual representation was the epitome of technology. However, with the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR) many games are now being experienced in a way that was never thought possible.

The rise of VR headsets, a direct result of improved technology, has given players a completely new take on their favorite games, which are no longer limited to the 2D screen they’re used to. Players can now engage in the game in a 3D way. All they need to do is pop on the VR headset goggles, log in to their account and game and suddenly they are transported into the world of VR games. Resident Evil 4 is one example of a game that you can now partake in via a VR headset. This means that you can move and run around as if you were really the person playing, you can call for weapons by using your hands and reaching for the object, as opposed to putting together a set of symbols on the console and you have more control over the game than ever. 

Safety is Vital

Although technology has had a huge impact on the thrill and quality that players get to experience, it has also had a huge impact on the safety and security that players experience today. With the rise and upgrade of technologies, players can partake in games with more assurance regarding their sensitive data. 

Many games, for example, require you to enter sensitive financial data to purchase and activate the game. Through the improvement of technology, games now have security features embedded in them, keeping players safer through blockchain technology, two-factor authentication, hardware wallets and complex password creations that can be saved on exclusive apps.

Blockchain technology has been around for more than a decade now and has given players, especially those using cryptocurrencies, a better chance at avoiding cyber criminals and staying away from cyber threats. Due to the decentralized nature of blockchain technology, players are now able to stay anonymous whilst playing, much to the job of players all around the globe. Furthermore, apps like two-factor authentication and 1Password have allowed players to save their sensitive data in a way that is impenetrable by hackers. For example, two-factor authentication allows players to receive a timed pin that is filled with complex letters, symbols and numbers so that their accounts as as safe as possible. 1Passwors gives people the chance to save their passwords on an app, avoiding them writing it down in a place that could be hacked. It is protected by a master key, that only the account holder knows and is therefore a beloved tool for many trying to keep their passwords protected.

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