TikTok has become an international trend in the progressive world of social media and short-form video content. It provides its users a platform to express themselves artistically, entertain others, and build relationships through interesting visuals. 

A significant component of taking your social media videos to the next level is how to use different types of sound. The quality of sound can make or ruin a presentation, that is memorable music, a funny soundbite, or a customized audio clip. 

You must learn how to edit and modify audio to fit the content to fully utilize the sound library on TikTok. 

We’ll walk you through the key methods and resources for audio editing on TikTok in this guide to create videos that will catch people’s attention.

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Ways to Edit Sound on Tiktok

Any TikTok video’s supporting music is one of its most relevant and interesting aspects. 

You may see more posts with the same track while watching videos by tapping the sound icon in the lower right corner. 

Access an almost limitless selection of music when making a video, including well-known K-pop tunes, retro music, trendy dance tracks, etc. 

It’s not too hard to add any tune to a post and it’s easier to learn how to alter audio to improve your TikToks. 

On July 18, 2023, Tiktok launched new updates to improve user experience including an ‘edit post’ feature, the option to save videos without a watermark, and an ‘auto-scroll’ mode. 

Part 1: Adding Music and Sounds

 The Tiktok Sounds Library
  • Open the Tiktok app on the mobile and see a “+” sign that is for creating a new video.
  • Upload a video or record a new one to add music to it.
  • When uploading, either opt for one that is to be used from the camera roll or several to use multiple clips from it.
  • To customize the post after recording a video, tap the check box next to the record button.
  • Opt for (iPhone) or add your favorite Sound (Android). It will appear as two music notes in the upper middle of the Android screen. This icon is located in the lower-left corner of the iPhone.
  • A sliding menu from the bottom of the screen will appear, offering several options for music. To listen for a sound, tap the magnifying glass.
  • Users of iPhones will notice that Add Sound appears on the top or bottom corner of the screen, if they have a recorded video or not. 
  • The Add Sound button is located at the top of the screen before starting a video recording. The sound symbol appears in the lower left corner after recording and touching the check mark to continue.
  • Click the audio editing option located on the right sidebar once you have filmed the TikTok and are in the section to edit it before posting. It’s similar to a two-star microphone.
  • Grab the opportunity to record your voice or pick from characters such as Bae, Cupid, and Mr. GoodGuy, to alter the audio of the video.
  • To include a track in the video, tap on it. You can preview music by hearing it play when tapping it.
  • Pick an audio from the ‘Recommended List’ if unsure what to use.
  • To make the recording original audio unmarked, tap Original Sound if you don’t want it to play. If you wish to adjust the original audio and any additional music or tunes to a different volume, tap Volume.
  • To upload and use it immediately without editing, press on the video and select Next.

Part 2: Editing Sounds and Music 

 Trimming an audio on Tiktok
  • Click or tap the scissors icon. Edit the music being used by clicking on the icon to the right of the audio you’ve chosen.
  • This would be excellent, for instance, when using the middle segment of the clip rather than the beginning.
  • Move the timeline to the left or right. The timeline of the music track is visible, and dragging it to the right will adjust the beginning of the song when the video plays. The music track will begin at the beginning if you drag the timeline to the left.
  • Slide the timeline right to start the movie in the middle of the song, for instance, since it’s the portion that people are most interested in.
  • Hit ‘Done.’ Your video will update as a result of these changes.
  • To post TikTok and use it immediately without editing, press on the video and click on “Next”.  

TikTok is a trendsetter and its users have constantly grown from 2018 to 2022 as seen in the graph below. 

TikTok Quarterly User Growth from 2018-2022.

Part 3: Changing the Audio Timing 

  • Click Edit. You can edit the post with this, which is located on the right side of the screen.
  • For example, this is a great way to edit the video such that the audio begins later rather than immediately.
  • Press the soundtrack. A white bar with an arrow pointing to the end should be visible, suggesting that it can be edited now.
  • Move it to the right. slide it to the right so that the video starts playing before the audio track does.
  • To ensure that the music track starts playing at the precise moment, use the preview in the top panel while sliding.
  • With the icons located at the bottom of the screen, alter the audio, modify the level, or remove it entirely.
  • Add more than one sound, a voiceover, or a different tune by tapping to deselect the audio track.
  • Press Save. It is located in the screen’s upper right corner.
  • Press Next and then Post to share your video.


When creating engaging and memorable posts on TikTok, where creativity is unrestricted and seconds matter, learning the craft of music editing is significant. 

You may now create amazing videos from ordinary moments by using the tools and strategies we’ve covered in this book and also with the help of free and easy-to-use online AI tools like a Tiktok video maker available on the internet to give it a professional & publish-worthy touch.

Audio editing on TikTok is your ticket to becoming noticed when generating your own audio masterpieces, including an original style into soundtracks, or keeping up with the newest trends.

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