The Apple Pencil is among the most well-liked accessories for iPad users. It is a revolutionary tool for artists, designers, and note-takers alike. It offers unparalleled precision and accuracy when drawing or writing on the iPad. Many users have expressed concerns does the Apple pencil scratch the screen of their device.

This guide will make sure the Apple pencil doesn’t scratch your screen. And if you are afraid of scratching it, it will explain the unique way to be safe.

Does The Apple Pencil Scratch The Screen?

Does the Apple Pencil Scratch the Screen

Apple has designed the Pencil to be gentle on your iPad’s screen. The tip of the Pencil is made from a soft material that will not scratch or damage the surface of your device. It features advanced sensors that detect pressure and tilt for greater control without putting any undue stress on your screen.

If you are still worried about scratches or marks appearing on your iPad’s display due to frequent use of the Pencil, there are protective measures you can take.

Apple Pencil and iPad: The Perfect Match

I hope you are an artist or a designer looking for the perfect digital companion to help bring your creative ideas to life. Apple Pencil and iPad are a great combo; looking at different factors wastes time. These two devices were designed with creatives in mind, offering a seamless blend of technology and artistry unmatched by any other device on the market.

The Apple Pencil offers precision and control like never before. With its pressure sensitivity, tilt detection, and low latency, it feels like you’re using a traditional pencil on paper. The iPad’s large display and powerful processor allow smooth strokes without lag or delays. This combination will enable artists to create stunning digital masterpieces that are both beautiful and functional.

From sketching initial ideas to creating detailed illustrations or designs, the Apple Pencil and iPad make working digitally a breeze.

How to Protect the iPad Screen?

Does the Apple Pencil Scratch the Screen

The iPad screen is one of its most valuable assets. It can easily get scratched or cracked if not adequately protected. You should always invest in a good quality screen protector. Screen protectors come in different materials, such as tempered glass or plastic film.

They are easy to install and provide extra protection for your screen against scratches and cracks. Besides that, use a protective case that covers the front and back of your iPad. This will prevent any accidental drops or bumps from damaging the screen or body of the device.

Another way to protect your iPad screen is by cleaning it regularly with a microfiber cloth. Dust particles can scratch the screen’s surface over time, so it’s essential always to keep it clean.

Don’t Apply Too Much Pressure

You may think pressing down harder on your Apple Pencil will make it work better, but this is not true. Applying too much pressure can cause damage to both your Pencil and your device’s screen. One of the most common issues with using an Apple Pencil is scratching the screen due to excessive force. And that’s why your screen bends inwards, so you need to fix the bent iPad screen first.

The best way to avoid damaging your device’s screen is by adjusting the pressure sensitivity settings on your Apple Pencil. By doing so, you’ll be able to apply just enough pressure for precise strokes without putting too much stress on the screen surface. Consider investing in a protective cover or tempered glass screen protector.

Do iPad Screens Scratch Easily?

All screens are susceptible to scratches regardless of the device type or brand. The iPad’s screen is made of glass and coated with an oleophobic layer that reduces fingerprints and smudges on the surface. While this coating does provide some level of protection against scratches, it does not make the screen scratch-proof. Users should avoid exposing their iPads to rough surfaces such as concrete and sand, which can cause fine lines or cracks on the screen.

Should I use a Screen Protector on my iPad for Drawing?

Use A Screen Protector On My iPad For Drawing

While the iPad’s glass screen is durable and scratch-resistant, it can still suffer wear and tear over time from constant use. Drawing with a stylus or Apple Pencil can also cause minor scratches on the surface of your iPad’s screen.

Using a screen protector protects your device from scratches and helps preserve its resale value. Choosing a high-quality, anti-glare screen protector that won’t interfere with the sensitivity of your stylus or Apple Pencil as you draw is essential. Some popular options include tempered glass protectors, matte finish protectors, and paper-like protectors that mimic the feel of drawing on paper.

Does the Apple Pencil Still Work With a Screen Protector?

Apple recommends using a screen protector designed explicitly with the Apple Pencil. This will ensure no impact on its functionality, and you can continue to enjoy its smooth and accurate performance.

Some issues may harm your performance if you use a third-party screen protector or one not designed for the Apple Pencil.

Is using Apple Pencil on an iPad With No Screen Protector OK?

Does the Apple Pencil Scratch the Screen

Some users prefer iPads without protective coverings, while others feel more secure with a screen protector. A screen protector is optional, depending on your preference and usage habits.

If you are rough on your devices or frequently carry them around in bags or backpacks, a screen protector gives you some added peace of mind. Screen protectors can aid in avoiding scuffs and other harm from everyday wear and tear. If you are careful when handling your iPad and don’t anticipate any significant risks or dangers, using an Apple Pencil with no screen protector should be perfectly fine.


Many people wonder that does the Apple Pencil scratch the screen. Although there are some anecdotal reports of this happening, no one has yet been able to produce hard evidence that the Apple Pencil is causing screen damage. According to Apple, the tip of the Apple Pencil is made out of a soft material that won’t scratch your iPad’s screen. Until someone can prove that the Pencil is causing harm, it’s a safe and viable option for taking notes and drawing on the net.


Can I use the Apple Pencil with other devices?

The Apple Pencil can be used with a compatible Lightning connector with other devices. The Apple Pencil works with the iPhone 6/6S/7, iPad Pro (9.7-inch), iPad (5th generation), and iPod touch (6th generation).

What are the risks associated with using an Apple Pencil on a screen?

The Apple Pencil may become stuck in the screen and require professional assistance to be removed. If the Apple Pencil is left attached to the screen for an extended period, it may cause damage to the screen.

What should I do if the Apple Pencil scratches my screen?

If the Apple Pencil scratches your screen, you can try to remove the scratch with a fingernail or a thin knife. You can change the screen if that doesn’t work.

What are the possible consequences of using an Apple Pencil on a screen?

If you’re using the Apple Pencil with an iPad or iPhone, it’s possible to damage the device by pressing too hard on the screen. If you’re using an Apple Pencil with an Apple Watch, it’s possible to lose battery life because of how much power is being used to track and respond to movements made with the Apple Pencil.

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