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The total real estate industry is calculated to be valued at around $225 trillion. Out of which $50 trillion of shares belongs to the United States of America alone. This data was shared in a Forbes article. Being an industry with such a massive valuation, it is obvious that it must evolve with time. Therefore, you can nowadays witness digitization in the real estate sector that is gradually shaping a new way to look at properties. 

If you are a real estate professional, you must shake hands with this tech revolution to stay relevant in the competition. Otherwise, you may lose several promising opportunities that could have ended up in your favor.

So, to stay away from such unfortunate conditions, this write-up is going to comprehensively evaluate the evolution and integration of tech in the real estate world. 

“Clearly, the thing that’s transforming is not the technology — it’s the technology that is transforming you.” ~ Jeanne W. Ross (Computer Scientist at MIT Sloan’s Center)

The Growing Relevance of Digital Real Estate

As of now, we hope that you must be aware of the concept of digital real estate. In simple words, digital real estate is all about integrating modern tech such as software, the internet, and media into real estate businesses. Whether as an individual or an established enterprise, you can also leverage its advantages. For that, you must start investing in digitizing your operations as soon as possible.

A major term that is now getting quite popular in the industry is PropTech. This term summarizes all technical advancements currently taking place under a single word. Be it virtual property visits, or online marketing, everything comes under PropTech. Speaking of marketing, it plays a key role in this sector as well. 

Numerous marketers guide businesses to streamline and optimize their operations to meet their goals. You can run a brief research on them by evaluating them on several factors. For instance, you can try analyzing the pros and cons of Bad Ass Marketers, which has led numerous companies to digitize their real estate promotions. 

Strategic Approaches to Digital Properties

Approaching this situation with a strategy is a good idea to begin with. In order to seek assistance from the digital landscape, you must build a proper plan:

  • Identify Your Target Audience: As a property agent, there must be a financial class of audience with which you generally deal. For example, middle-class target audience, lower class, or high class. Even if you have diverse clients, you must plan your strategy accordingly.
  • Consider Building a Blog: A blog can be your medium through which you can occasionally communicate with your audience to enlighten them. You can share tips and tricks to choose a property or guide them on how to secure their financial transactions. This ultimately helps in building your online presence and embraces your credibility.
  • Implement SEO: Writing blogs alone is not enough. You have to show up at the top of the search results to grab user attention. To help you with this problem, you must implement SEO on your website, social media, and on your digital platforms.

Speaking of SEO, you can start by implementing these techniques on Google, Facebook, and other pages.

These were 3 basic things that every business or individual professional must follow. If you start noticing some green signs from these practices, don’t stop. Instead, further, improve your methodologies and foster your operations.

Consider this as a friendly challenge to start with your digital real estate journey. Below are 5 major points that will help you lay the foundation for the cause. Research & invest in them to modernize your operations: 
Invest in CRM: CRM provides you with leads, and contacts, and helps in building communications with your potential clients.

Digital Listing: List your properties on digital real estate platforms to gain exposure to a massive online audience.

Master Social Media: Step on social media platforms if not yet. Create content there and gain views.

Integrate Automation: Automating your recurring operations can increase efficiency in the firm.

Learn Online: You must seek help from the internet to constantly learn new things.

Future Possibilities and Challenges

Like any other trend, digital real estate also has its future possibilities and challenges. Speaking of the future, you might have to introduce tech like AR and VR in your business to stay updated with the competition. 

Whereas, as we know every trend comes to an end. So, there must be some challenges that digital real estate will have to tackle. However, as of now, there are no such challenges that might cause problems in the future. 


Constant digitization of almost all industries worldwide has evolved the world. Likewise, the way people search for properties and businesses deal with their potential clients has also gone digital. The term used to summarize this tech in real estate is known as Proptech. For you, it is advised to make your presence over the internet as well to stay relevant and to leverage the opportunity.

Ryan Green
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