Get Ready with Your Weapons to Survive the Outbreak of Zombies. 

Patience is the key to success, that’s the quote you have to keep in mind as you step into the world of the DayZ video game. 

Officially released in December 2018, DayZ is a multiplayer-only survival game that is quite difficult yet enjoyable. 

In this, you will find your character near the coast, equipped with only simple clothes, a glow stick, a half bandage, and a piece of fruit, and there you begin your mission where’s only rule is to survive no matter what. 

However, if you are new to this play and or an experienced gamer, for both we have come up with a few Dayz hacks that you can follow to survive in a game for a long period or accomplish your mission. 

Know the Rules

Dayz Game Rules

If you want to play a game and don’t know the rules, never mind, but that’s not a good sign for any player. 

Alright, don’t fret about it, and let’s explore the protocols you need to know if you are new to DayZ.

  1. Conduct Yourself Properly-: You are not the only one in this game, you are playing within a community or a group. 

    So, it’s better if you stay polite, behave maturely, and with respect towards one another at all times.

  1. Fair Play-: You must know that taking the help of cheating is not a good attribute as a  player.

    You are playing a game for enjoyment and not to dominate other players with your double-crossed tricks.  

    So, we suggest you play the game with fairness in your mind, follow ethics, consider respect, and have a sense of fellowship with your partners. 

  1. Age Requirement-: To play this game, the player must be above the age of 18.

    Because DayZ carries dark and violent content that might not be suitable for children and can mark a negative aspect in their minds.

  1. Limit is Max 10-: In this game, the online group limit is a maximum of 10, meaning that you can have only 10 people in your settlement who are online at a time. 

    This rule is to help the performance of the server. 

  1. Restart From the Beginning-: Once your character dies or gets killed, you have to start your survival journey from the beginning.
Response of  DayZ players, how enjoyable do they find the consequential nature of death?

Yes, that’s the reason the players have to keep patience, persistence, and resilience when they are up to the game world of DayZ. 

DayZ Survival Tips

Dayz Game Survival Tips

As we have told in the intro, the only major mission of the DayZ game is to survive no matter what. 

So, let’s not delay anymore and delve into the below points to know the key tips that will assist the players in their survival mission:

  1. Don’t Stand in the Middle of the Road-: As this game is multiplayer, you are not the only one who is willing to survive. 

    So, don’t stand in an area where you can be observed and killed unless you are one of 3 people on the server. 

  1. Stay Alert-: You’re dumb if you are standing on an open ground, having a drink, eating food, or just looking at Izurvive. 

    Remember that trouble can come over you from anywhere, so just try to stay alert with the weapon in your hands. 

  1. Find Food and Water-: You are in the big city of DayZ where you are running from zombies to make yourself survive.

    But before all these, if there’s something that mainly matters to survive that is to stay hydrated and keep your eye on nutrition levels. 

DayZ Game Fact:The game was officially released in December 2018 and was released for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2019.

  1. Keep on Running From Zombies-: Keep in mind that zombies are faster and more ravenous than you. 

    So, no matter how much of a die-heart fan you are of these creatures, if you want to accomplish the mission, just keep on running away from them. 

  1. Kill Zombies-: If in case, you get in a situation where you are just in front of the zombies, kill them with your weapons and run again. 

    Remember that the noise of your gun can attract more of them, so you better not stay still there waiting for them to greet you. 

  1. Find Big Cities-: You better avoid small towns as there you will only waste your resources. 

    You can use a map to find big cities where you will not only find more zombies but everything you need to make your game more thrilling. 


The DayZ game is just not about running miles but about facing unpredictable obstacles and challenges that come your way to mislead you from your survival mission. 

You can only make yourself remain alive in this game by following the rules and tips we have explored in this post. 

So, put your guns on your shoulders and get ready to battle with the outbreak of zombies. 

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