Traveling with electronics can be a tricky situation, especially when it comes to air travel. With all the rules and regulations in place, it’s easy to get confused about what you can and cannot bring on board an aircraft. One of the most common questions people ask is: Can you bring laptop charger on plane?

The answer might surprise you: you can bring your laptop charger on a plane! There are certain rules and restrictions that you need to follow to ensure that your charger makes it through security and onto the plane with you.

Can you bring laptop charger on plane?

Can you bring laptop charger on plane

Traveling with electronic devices has become a common practice for people worldwide. Many travelers often need clarification about whether they can carry their laptop chargers on the plane. The answer is yes. You can bring your laptop charger on a plane. Carrying it in your cabin baggage would be easier than in your check-in luggage.

You should keep your laptop charger in your cabin baggage because lithium-ion batteries are prone to overheating and can cause a fire if they come into contact with other metal objects. This means that keeping them close to yourself allows you to monitor them and prevent any mishaps from occurring. Most airlines restrict the number of lithium-ion batteries that can be transported in checked-in luggage, making it safer for travelers to carry these items.

Laptop Chargers and Airline Regulations:

Can you bring laptop charger on plane

When traveling by air with your laptop for vacations or work, there are a few things to remember when charging your device. Most importantly, airlines have specific regulations regarding the types of chargers that can be used on board. Please comply with these rules to avoid confiscating your charger or denying you boarding.

Carry-on Laptop Chargers

Can you bring laptop charger on plane

Some airlines have specific rules regarding how many watts the charger can provide. Checking with your airline before packing your charger in your carry-on luggage is recommended. Some countries have different power outlets and voltage levels than others, so research what kind of adapter or converter you may need before traveling internationally.

Carrying multiple chargers in your carry-on luggage may raise suspicion at airport security checkpoints since they might think these chargers could be used for illicit activities like bomb-making.

Checked Laptop Chargers 

According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), electronic devices and their chargers are allowed in carry-on bags or checked luggage. It’s important to note that lithium-ion batteries – which most laptops use – must be carried in carry-on baggage only due to their potential risk of igniting. 

If you plan on packing your laptop charger in your checked luggage, it’s recommended that you take extra precautions to prevent any damage during transit. Chargers can become tangled or damaged when packed haphazardly, so consider wrapping them up and cushioning them with clothing or other soft items in your suitcase. Consider investing in a hard-shell case for additional protection.

Battery Safety on Flights

Can you bring laptop charger on plane

Battery safety on flights is a critical issue every traveler should know about. While batteries are essential to power devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets while you’re on the road, they can pose a fire hazard if they’re not handled properly.

1. Lithium-ion batteries, commonly found in smartphones, laptops, and other electronic devices, have the potential to ignite or explode if they are damaged or overheated.

  • Keep spare batteries in your carry-on luggage rather than checked bags.
  • Always make sure batteries are properly installed in devices and turned off before packing them.
  • Use a protective case or cover for loose batteries to prevent any potential short circuits.
  • Do not attempt to charge batteries on board the aircraft.
  • If you notice any damage or swelling on your battery, do not use it and seek assistance from airline staff immediately
  • It is important to note that some airlines have specific policies regarding lithium-ion batteries, so be sure to check with your airline before traveling.

    By following these simple guidelines, we can all do our part in ensuring a safe and secure flight for ourselves and those around us!

Do you have to take laptop chargers out at airport security?

Yes, laptop chargers must be removed from your bag and placed in a separate bin for screening at airport security. This includes all laptop chargers, such as AC adapters, USB-C cables, and power banks. It’s important to remember that laptop chargers may contain lithium-ion batteries, which can be hazardous if mishandled.

To remove the charger from your bag, disconnect it from any devices before placing it in the bin for screening. This will help speed up the process and ensure your charger is not damaged during the security check. It would help if you also ensured that all cords are neatly coiled so they don’t become tangled or cause any obstruction in the security line.

If you have multiple laptop chargers with you, place them in separate bins so security personnel can easily identify them. This will help them quickly identify potential threats and move on with their screening process more efficiently.


Travelers can bring their laptop chargers on the plane if they follow the guidelines set by the TSA and their airline carrier. It is important to ensure that your charger is compatible with the country you will be visiting to avoid any inconvenience during your trip.

It is recommended to keep your laptop charger in your carry-on luggage for easy access and safety purposes. By following these tips, you can get the answer Can you bring laptop charger on plane? And enjoy a stress-free flight without worrying about leaving your laptop charger behind or facing any issues at airport security. Stay informed and prepared for your next travel adventure!


What chargers are not allowed on planes?

Generally, any device with a lithium-ion battery is not allowed in your checked or carry-on luggage. This includes laptop and cell phone chargers and items like hover boards, e-cigarettes, and spare batteries. To be safe, it’s best to check the TSA website for the most up-to-date list of prohibited items.

Are chargers OK in hand luggage?

Chargers are generally allowed in hand luggage. It is important to check the regulations of your specific airline before you travel. Some airlines may restrict the type or size of chargers that can be brought on board.

Can you check the laptop charger?

It is important to note that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has strict regulations for items that can be carried on an airplane. You should check the TSA website for specific guidelines regarding what items are allowed in carry-on bags and ensure your laptop charger meets those requirements. 

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