Are you a beginner who has heard about the Fortnight Battle Royale but never played it? 

If yes, then welcome to the small tribe of people, like you and me, who have finally decided to try this game. 

Entering into this playoff created by Epic Game is no easy feat as among 100 players, you should be the last one standing. 

Just like in other video games, in this one as well there are features like weapons, loots, strategies, and levels to cross. 

But how and when to use them to destroy the opponents, or are there any special bonuses or coins or cheap vbucks to win along the way? 

Don’t worry! In this article, we explain all the basics about Fortnight Battle Royale to help you step into this popular battlefield confidently.

How to Play Fortnight Battle Royale? 

Customize Your Avatar on Fortnight

A survival game of 100 players who fight against one another in the Fortnight Battle Royale. 

You are given a random avatar with basic weaponry to fight. You can customize it and play it as a solo, duo, in a team, or a 50 vs 50 game. 

Once you are ready to play, you are deployed on a Battle Bus, skydiving onto an island, to be instantly ready to run, hunt, and fight. 

As the players get eliminated one by one, the playfield gets smaller, with enemies appearing in shorter distance ranges. 

Details keep appearing on the screen about how another player was killed to prevent your loss as well. 

Fortnite Battle Royale, along with PUBG, draws inspiration from the Japanese film ‘Battle Royale’. 

Land at a Good Spot 

Landing on the Fortnight Battlefield

Players have the opportunity to decide when to drop on the map, instead of just following the lead of other users. 

Choose at least two favored sites to land after becoming familiar with its features. Look for mobility alternatives such as launch pads or closest to rivers. 

You can also select to land at the edge of the map for a safe landing, but it will increase your rotation times. 

There is no guarantee of not encountering duels on the edges or unexpected turns. 

How to Choose the Right Weapons?

The looting part may come sooner than expected, which will give you access to more weapons to fight your opponent. 

Pro gamer’s advice to beginners is to not worry about the type of weapon but instead focus on finding more weapons as soon as possible. 

There is also a chance to find ammo, gold, and building materials on the way, for which you can sound an alarm to inform your team members. 

The gameplay changes with the type of weapon because many gamers come with a well-thought-out strategy. 

The basic weapons in Fortnight consist of handguns, shotguns, submachines, guns, shields, and bows. You can also select between a sniper or a long-range weapon as per your skills. 

Many Fortnite newcomers aim at short distances, which slows down your view when looking around, but it also wastes time.

Building Techniques

Building Techniques in Fortnight

The most important part of Fortnight is not just saving or attacking, but building as well. 

You have an opportunity to build walls, stairs, and even a complete building as a cover or hiding place. 

With a pickaxe provided early in the game, it is relevant to gather wood, metal, and stone. The structures can be used as bridges or to climb fortresses or buildings. 

Your opponents can attack from any direction, and therefore switching to build mode constructs a 360-degree quick four walls. 

These walls cannot be destroyed by rocket launches, which gives you enough time to rethink your battle strategy and escape through a backdoor. 

The graph below shows the Global Battle Royale Game market size that has been growing since 2020 and is forecasted to increase further till 2031. 

Global Battle Royale Game Market Size from 2020-2031.

Aiming Strategies

As you brave the storms, save yourself from shields, and use the healing potion, to regain energy, there are varied strategies that will help you stay ahead of other gamers. 

With every level, you gain valuable points, that give gamers a Free Pass or a Battle Pass to earn Vbucks. 

However, newbie gamers can surprise their opponents by purchasing cheap vbucks easily and crossover to the next level. 

If you hesitate to do so, then you are stuck to just 30 to 35 Vbucks on a daily quest, with more chances of getting eliminated quickly. 

The pass is updated every season with offers of daily or weekly challenges. You can not just earn Vbucks but also skins and other rewards. 

Once you have leveled up by destroying your opponents, you achieve #1 Victory Royale as the last gamer standing. 


These are the basic suggestions and tricks that a beginner can apply to start playing Fortnight Battle confidently. 

From the avatar customization, battlefield, choice of weapons, and building techniques, everything needs to be planned properly. 

Even if you lose quickly in the first round, it will give you a good idea of how challenging this multiplayer game is. 

Still, you will be tempted to come back for many rounds with vigor, just like every gamer worldwide.

James Wilson
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